Bosses or Immortals are challenging area enemies in Death's Gambit. The Protagonist is tasked with defeating these creatures that come back from the dead in order to reach Caer Siorai and destroy the source of immortality. Bosses are encountered throughout the game, they usually have increased health, a unique set of attacks, its own behavior, and stats. Usually, bosses are encountered throughout completing quests or are encountered in various locations or areas that require to be defeated in order to proceed further or to unlock more areas.

Players can find guides and strategies on how to defeat a certain boss, as well as information regarding its location, statistics, rewards, lore, and other relevant information. Defeating a boss provides rewards such as Equipment, Talent Points, and upgrades for Sorun such as a double jump ability, air dash, advanced talent tree, and more. This page covers a list of all the bosses encountered in the game.

Death's Gambit: Afterlife All Bosses  






























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    • Anonymous

      I don't know if it's bug or not, but you can actually take 1 hit from Heroic Bosses and still get Golden Carrots from them in Afterlife Expansion.

      • Anonymous

        Hi, do i need the afterlife Boss journals for the bookkeeper trophy? (Playing on PS). I missed one for Cursith (gonna pick in ng+). But from afterlife, i dont know where to find

        • Anonymous

          Who is that last ??? boss?
          I'm 42/43 achievements atm and still didn't find that last boss.
          I already killed avatar of Thalamus, The Crow and Endless... All in heroic mode

          • Anonymous

            I fought and defeated every heroic boss multiple times and this is my conclusion regarding the developers' idea of "challenge". Basically : 1) DPS race ; 2) Adds ; 3) Boss phases where you can't deal damage and which completely break the rythm of the fight ; 4) Throwing a lot of stuff at you until your screen is full ; 5) Space denying AoEs. The only bosses I enjoyed fighting were Amulvaro and Dark Knight. Everyone else was disappointing gameplay-wise.

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