Health 99999999999999999
Heroic Health 99999999999999999
Shards n/a

Thalamus is one of the Bosses in Death's Gambit. Bosses are located throughout the game and award special loot upon completion as well as drop significant Shards.



The Dark God that captures you and drags you to Ylmoth. The master of the Eldritch Inquisitor.



Thalamus Location





Thalamus Drop Table

Item Chance Normal/Heroic
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?? ??% ??
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?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
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Thalamus Strategy

  • Thalamus is less a boss and more a survival challenge. So bring max feathers for max heals.
  • Summons a line of purple orbs that deal damage if touched, there is a hole in the line that you need to be under. Later in the fight, the line moves back and forth and appears underneath you as well.
  • Thalamus will summon 2 skeletal creatures (3 later in the fight) which will shoot lasers at you unless you reset their cooldown meter by hitting them. Once they start firing they cannot be stopped unless you kill them.
  • Calls forth portals that will rain down blood that will deal damage. They can move left to right, right to left, close in towards the middle, or in the final phase move together simultaneously and force you to run between them. 
  • Thalamus will teleport you to a dark room and spawn clones of you in order to make you lose track of which character is yours. He will then shoot high damage immobilizing skulls at you. The goal is to find young Sorun and "Gain hope" by interacting with him.
  • Splits the screen into multiple sections and shuffles the location of each section although they are still in the same places movement wise. Random sections will glow red and damage will be taken if you are on that section. Multiple sections will glow later in the fight.
  • Will be teleported to a flat platform with damaging purple orbs underneath it. You will be dragged either left or right on the platform. Your goal is to once again "Gain Hope" from young Sorun. In the last phase immobilizing skulls will be shot at you.
  • Will be forced to interact with orbs representing emotions. Pick the good one, avoid the bad ones. The first appearance is easy with just four placed on the floor, however, the second time they are constantly being shuffled as well as lightning walls closing in on you.
  • Teleports bosses you've fought into a dark room and mocks you. Bosses can't deal damage to you.
  • Throughout the second half of the fight, Thalamus will drop corpses that resemble you onto the stage which will explode shortly afterward. These explosions do hurt you.



Thalamus Notes & Tips

  • Thalamus is only fought if the player approaches the entrance to Caer Siori in the Aldwynn sewers while the Death's Contract remains in their inventory. If the player cancels Death's Contract beforehand, they will not enter Y'lmoth and thus never fight Thalamus.
  • The only things you need to fight in this boss battle are some damaging minions, so more feathers are better in this scenario.
  • After beating Thalamus you CANNOT RETURN to Y'lmoth. So make sure you are ready to leave when you go to face him.
  • Opening the inventory during the fight reveals some interesting lore aspects.
  • Beating Thalamus does not reward you with shards or talent point but you still have the message: "Immortal defeated". You are simply returned to the last place you were before your descent into Y'lmoth.
  • When one starts the game they are given a choice for a starting gift, one of these being a Rusty Charm. With no stats and no apparent use, its actual function is to give a 50% damage reduction for the Thalamus fight. As the locket says, "To our dearest loves, we watch over you."
  • Cancelling the contract during this fight will transport the player to another location. In order to escape this location the player must: use the suicide blade, which will erase your save now, use a feather, or go to the very left (going to the right leads to another room).
  • Thalamus appears on the background before Endless fight if you've already met him in Y'Inoth. He's also the source of the strange voice you hear throughout your journey



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    • Anonymous

      12 May 2020 12:30  

      Honestly I loved this boss fight; as in, I haven't had so much fun during a single fight in a game in a long time. It's great, because it breaks convention and requires you to think. Also, he looks goddamn menacing, which is perfect.

      • Anonymous

        04 Nov 2018 13:24  

        "Cancelling the contract during this fight will transport the player to another location. However the only way to escape this location is by suicide blade, which will erase your save now." BUSTED i created whole run only for this myth and reddit post -> you can escape "white room" and another secret location by crow feather

        • Anonymous

          05 Oct 2018 11:46  

          SPOILERS FOR THE THALAMUS FIGHT Twitch streamer Tsuvaro and I (V01Dking) put our heads together and found this 1) If you open your inventory during the fight, each of your stats change to read out "You have already failed Everly and Ash" 2) If you cancel your contract during the fight, you will be transported to a secret area know by fans as the "white room" or the "art room". It's... weird and complicated. Don't worry, you keep your contract... somehow. Not sure what's up with that. 3) If you feather out of the white room, you will be transported into a staircase in Gain's Cradle and be stuck. However, if you have warp orbs, you can just teleport out of the stairs. The hilarious thing is that 2 and 3 confirm that through exploiting secrets in the game, Thalamus is an optional boss, and you can continue the game without killing him. (You receive no talent point for this)

          • Anonymous

            26 Aug 2018 08:21  

            Does anyone know the lore that is revealed if you open your inventory? I only found out about that after I defeated him and I’m curious as to what his deal is

            • Anonymous

              22 Aug 2018 07:40  

              idk why but after i defeat thalamus i quit the game back to play another day and noticed the starting menu changeg maybe because i wanted to test fear and reach fear lv 198 (getting hit by ghost) farm i wanted to test if change anything but nop only the voice thing dialogue on npcs sad proof

              • Anonymous

                16 Aug 2018 05:07  

                I was all like hey it's like flowey, then my game crashed as I was about to win and I was like wow. its really like flowey

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