Health 5000 +4000 +4000 +4000(17000 Total)
Heroic Health 20000 +24000 +24000 +24000 +50000(142,000 total)
Shards ??

Endless is one of the Bosses in Death's Gambit. Bosses are located throughout the game and award special loot upon completion as well as drop significant Shards.



The final boss and guardian of the source, Endless awaits you at the end of your struggles.



Endless Location




Endless Drop Table

Item Chance Normal/ Heroic
Fallen Angle's Thesis 100% Heroic
5x Immortalite Stone 100% Heroic
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??



Endless Strategy

  • As the final boss of the game, Endless will present you with the toughest challenge before Heroic bosses. As you've already died to her twice, you know what they say. "Third time's the charm."
  • Don't be deceived by her low HP, as she has 4 phases through the fight plus lore. You are in for a struggle, so make sure you have enough feathers. 
  • She has her three generic attacks you will recognize from your earlier fights. These are; A large hard hitting stab across the battlefield. Usually used at a distance. 
  • Three slashes that cover a wide area, two forwards and one back.
  • She teleports away then appears from above with an overhead slam. She can repeat this attack several times.
  • Unseen Onslaught: Her opener to the start of the first phase of the battle (when you first fight her she has a 0 phase before you reach the point the game will always take you back to). She floats into the air before teleporting away. From offscreen she will very quickly attack from the left, then from above, then from the right. Afterward, she heads to one of the sides of the screen and fires off green missiles 4 times, always two of three possible rows.
  • Her next three phases are all different and all chosen by the player, so pick in your preferred order. This list will go from left to right.
  • Bulwark Phase: She has two attacks during this phase. One calls down lightning to set positions on the stage as she remains immobile. The next has her start pushing you away with fierce winds before lightning starts striking around you. Getting pushed off the stage will be a death. Afterward, she resumes attacking as normal while occasionally repeating these two attacks.
  • Dark Knight Phase: This phase she creates dark orbs that you have to destroy while fighting. They will either spawn as heavy HP ones on the ground or weaker floating ones in the air. If any of these orbs manages to detonate they will cause unavoidable and heavy damage to you. Otherwise, she fights like normal.
  • Phoenix Phase: This phase starts out with her conjuring in place while vulnerable. Then from all around slow-moving fireballs will head for her as the center. They are destroyable however so attacking with abandon can work with bigger sweeping weapons. The next part is her fighting normally again, but now fireballs that explode into multiple projectiles will fall from the sky.
  • Defeating all three of these phases will win you the match, and the game.



Endless Notes & Tips

  • Be wary of  SPOILERS!
  • Endless seems to be by far the most powerful Immortal except Thalamus.
  • If you survive long enough during the first two fights with her (the flashback fight and the Sigil Door fight), she will disappear and you will hear another voice which conjures the black orb before your chest which explodes and instant kills you. 
  • She drops one Fallen Angel's Thesis each time you beat her in Heroic Rematch.
  • After beating her you can still leave, and begin your quest to slay all heroic bosses.
  • It is revealed during the fight that Endless is, in fact, Sorun's mother, Everly Galbraith.
  • Endless's plan was to use the Source of Immortality to spread immortality to everyone in the world so no one would feel the pain of loss ever again.
  • If you have 0 in FEA stat, you will skip most of her fight. (It look more like a bug or glitch as you cannot do heroic rematch to her corpse and you have to fight her again each time you enter her boss room, there is no talent point or soul reward whatsoever)
  • Beating her with 0 in the FEA stat (or less) will activate a secret cutscene after the credits.
  • Endless is voiced by Evanne Friedmann.


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    • Anonymous

      14 Oct 2020 03:45  

      If there are any mages struggling with her heroic fight, remember that combining the Lightning and dark spells gives you max stamina regen.

      • Anonymous

        11 Apr 2020 22:27  

        the heroic version, pretty much forces you to block...a lot. you have to block to remove the curses, so 18 str minimum for the moss is mandatory. or 9 if you are a sentinel. but then, the moss shield also drains stamina and this fight is very heavy on stamina usage. you will find yourself running out if stamina often and getting shield broken. this is especially important during her "sadness" phase when she calls lightning, because you get a curse that does 1000 da,age if you run out of stamina so you habe to be extra careful during that phase. during the fear phase, you get a curse that nerfs your damage 70%, very frustrating when trying to break the orbs and you can't deal enough damage...with stamina usage already being tight and having to fend off her attacks while trying to break the orbs. the fire phase has a curse that makes fire orb traps get left behind that do 600 damage if you dodge roll. you can block with your shield and then walk into them with your shield raised to remove them. try to do as much damage as possible while she is standing still absorbing the fireballs

        • Anonymous

          28 Apr 2019 15:11  

          "Beating her with 0 in the FEA stat (or less) will activate a secret cutscene after the credits." What secret cutscene?

          • Anonymous

            28 Aug 2018 12:53  

            "If you have 0 in FEA stat, you will skip most of her fight. And beating her with 0 in the FEA stat will activate a secret cutscene after the credits." What is the this FEA stat?

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