Auras in Death's Gambit: Afterlife is a special equipment, it provides special passive bonuses to either Sorun's stats, grants special effects, as well as cosmetic item that emits a special aura around Sorun. Auras can be found across various areas, it can be purchased from certain NPCs, and are found inside special Golden or Red chests. Sorun can only equip one Aura and the effects only apply when it is equipped, simply press I to open your Inventory to see the Auras that you own. This page covers a list of all the Auras featured in Death's Gambit: Afterlife.


Death's Gambit: Afterlife All Auras


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Name Stat Effects/Bonuses

Anti Gravity Field

Reduces the stamina cost of attacks.

Aura of Blood

Combo finishers heal for 5% when above 70% health.

Bulwark's Pride

Using a healing feather causes lightning to strike a nearby enemy.

Chrono Break


Fallen Angel



Increases shards per kill by 15%.

Golden Carrot Aura

The aura guides you to a nearest Golden Carrot.


Increases item drop chance by 3%. Creates an arrow that points towards the nearest item.

Haste Aura

Extends air dash distance.



Light of the Grey Wanderer

Illuminates dark areas.

Marksman Aura

Arrows deal 20% more damage.



Essence Aura

Lose 4% of your essence whenever you take damage, but damage taken is reduced by 13%. Effect does not happen below 100 essence.

Spellbinder's Aura

Abilities increase INT by 2 for 24 seconds, stacks up to 10 INT.

Surging Soul

Gain more soul energy per attack.


Ability equipped in slot 1 costs 15 less Soul Energy to use.

Onslaught Aura

Increases all ability damage by 10% while having one weapon equipped.

Fragile Aura

Increases vitality by 15. Destroyed if killed.

Theurgist Aura

Melee attacks now deal fire damage and scale with Intellect.

Weaponmaster Aura

Having 3 Abilities equipped of one type of weapon increases all ability damage by 10%.

Grace of the Gaians

Increases vitality by 5. Increases essence gained by 50%. Destroyed if killed. Cusith has rewarded your kindness.

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    • Anonymous

      There's the Wings of Exiled, dropped from normal Ash in DLC. It lets you normally jump thrice, and nonstop at the cost of 3 soul energy. Also increases all damage by 10%.

      • Anonymous

        Theres also an aura that lets you jump in exchange for soul energy, not sure what its called got it on a randomized run tho.

        • Anonymous

          If you're worried about aura's disappearing, remember to read the description. Fragile Courage is one of the first aura's you get and it gets destroyed on death. In case you were wondering why you seem to be missing an aura.

          • Anonymous

            Missing the True Sight Aura? "Reveals all mortals with a red glow. Few have the gift of true sight, often chosen as emissaries or royal guards for their ability to discern: potential immortal decoys or assassins."

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