Auras are special Equipment in Death's Gambit. These can be allocated to their specific slot, and give players special bonuses.


Auras in Death's Gambit


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Item Bonus Description Location

Marksman AuraMarksman Aura

Rolling costs 20% more stamina but arrows deal 20% more damage. A life spent honing one’s aim has proven its merit, but such dedication often blinds one to their negligence of something else, equally as important.
  • Located to the right of the Phoenix Chest in Gaian's Cradle by hopping across the platforms.

Anti Gravity FieldAnti Gravity Field

Reduces the stamina cost of attacks. Activating this mechanism grants a sense of weightlessness. The people of Garde Tum created these magical artifacts, though its intended purpose has been lost to time. What other relics of their genius are out there, and would we even recognize them?
  •  Located to the right in the last elevator of Garde Tum, just before the boss. Two explosives sit right next to it.

Fragile CourageFragile Courage

Increases vitality by 15. Destroyed if killed. The strength we find in dire times can propel us beyond our limitations, but such illusions of grandeur are fragile, easily shattered.

The Bulwark's PrideThe Bulwark’s Pride

Using a healing feather causes lightning to strike a nearby enemy. A knight, honor bound to his duty by the sheer power of will. The Bulwark was a monument to the people of Aldwynn, their first and final defense against invaders. A guiding light anointed by the gods of Caer Siorai. Still, he remains, when all of Aldwynn is but a graveyard.
  • Drops from the Bulwark on Heroic.

Surging SoulSurging Soul

Gain more soul energy per attack. The dead have their souls reaped by Death, severing their connection to the mortal realm. That severance manifests itself as soul energy within this world. Many have sought to capture its raw energy, but the Ailtire are the only ones known to succeed.

Aura of BloodAura of Blood

Combo finishers heal for 5% when above 70% health. A vampiric sprite siphons the blood spilled and shares a portion of its restorative properties.

Spellbinder's AuraSpellbinders Aura

Abilities increase Int by 2 for 24 seconds, stacks up to 10 Int. These elemental wisps were trained to feed off expended soul energy and siphon it back to the user. A wizard's familiar, most notoriously associated with The Blue, despite how fickle they are. The sheer depths of his magical reservoir kept them loyal.
  •  Dropped by Priests in Aldwynn. Can also be found on a ledge in Darkness Falls past a fake wall.


The ability equipped in slot 1 costs 15 less soul energy to use. Wisps are fragments of souls given a life of their own. Born out of will and emotion, they have an inherent connection to the spiritual realm, harnessing powers of Death.

Light of the Grey WandererLight of the Grey Wanderer

Illuminates dark areas. Few hold the title of wizard, having been graced by gods to weave the magic of our world. The Grey was especially enigmatic, though stories tell of her defiance against the very gods that gave her power. Her name was expurgated from Aldwynn, where the rulers felt defiance had no place under the shadow of their domain.
  •  Found on a ledge at the end of Amulvaro's Observatory. The Air Dodge skill (or insanely perfect jumping skills) is required to reach it. First one must go to the area above the buffed Goliath. They must jump to the pillar on the edge, then Air Dodge from there to the pillar on the edge of the Goliath's arena. Finally, they must jump to the last pillar on the left above the Heroic looking Owlking where it rests.


Increases item drop chance by 3%. Creates an arrow that points towards the nearest item. A playful sprite that has been trained to point out nearby treasures. Not a single merchant in Vados fails to stock these ever-popular sprites for adventuring.
  • Found inside a Breakable Chest in Journey's End.near the rest area with a rotatting trap.


Increases shards per kill by 15%. Gamblers and treasure hunters alike are often lauded for their tremendous luck, or their uncanny ability to cheat people out of more than they bargained for. But perhaps there is something innate that favors them with fortune.

Fallen  Angel's ThesisFallen Angel's Thesis

Constantly gain soul energy. As Everly left this mortal coil, she left behind her memories and aspirations with me. I continue the Galbraith legacy with her, watching over me, always.

Shard AuraShard Aura

Lose 4 percent of your shards whenever you take damage, but damage taken is reduced by 13 percent. The effect does not happen below 100 shards. A mantle of souls, fragmented and crystalline into an effective shroud of armor.
  •  Dropped by Vrael on death.

Haste AuraHaste Aura

Movement speed increases when an enemy is killed. Adrenaline is fleeting in the face of danger, but killing prolongs the sensation.
  •  Inside a Phoenix Chest in Aldwynn at the end of Sniper Bridge.

Theurgist AuraTheurgist Aura

Melee attacks now deal fire damage and scale with intellect. Decreases soul energy gained by attacks. Power comes from many different sources. A pact made with forces beyond comprehension...A ritual bonding to age old spirits...None come without consequence.
  • From the first rest area in Amulvaro's Observatory , just head left, reach the first building and eliminate the enemies. After that, it is just a matter of finding the passage going down and finding the item.

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    • Anonymous

      24 Dec 2018 22:13  

      If you're worried about aura's disappearing, remember to read the description. Fragile Courage is one of the first aura's you get and it gets destroyed on death. In case you were wondering why you seem to be missing an aura.

      • Anonymous

        11 Oct 2018 13:32  

        Missing the True Sight Aura? "Reveals all mortals with a red glow. Few have the gift of true sight, often chosen as emissaries or royal guards for their ability to discern: potential immortal decoys or assassins."

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