Plumes in Death's Gambit: Afterlife is a piece of special equipment, initially, it's main use is to restore Sorun's health. However, as you progress throughout the game, you will acquire different kinds of plumes that grants higher values of health recovery, as well as temporary buffs. Plumes can be found across various areas, it can be purchased from certain NPCs, and are found inside special Golden or Red chests. This page covers a list of all the Plumes featured in Death's Gambit: Afterlife.

How do Plumes Work?

Plumes are mainly used to recover missing health of Sorun, it is vital and a must that the player equip this since it is the main source of restoring HP apart from a consumable item, Leaf of Gaia. Resting at a Death Idol recovers the current number of Plumes that you are holding. Upon death, you drop a Plume at the location of the last spot where you died.

You can always run back to where you died (if you remember) and recover the dropped, however, you can always sacrifice a certain number of Soul Shards when you rest at a Death Idol to reclaim the lost Plume. But take note, that the number of Soul Shards required increases each time you use to reclaim it via a Death Idol. You do not lose the type of Plume you have in your inventory, but instead, drop one plume, reducing the current number of Plumes held.

Augmenting Plumes

Apart from reclaiming lost Plumes from dying, you can also Augment your Plumes at a Death Idol. This takes out a number of Plumes you are holding and applies it as a buff that increases your damage. The value depends on the number of plumes you decide to augment. There are a total of 10 plume upgrades that are scattered across the map that increases the number of Plumes that can be held.  Augments can be removed by returning to the statue and decreasing the number of augments until your damage percentage is back to 100%.


Death's Gambit: Afterlife All Plumes


Comparison Table


Quick Search of All Plumes

Name Stat Effects/Bonuses

Lucent Plume

Provides 171 Heal.

Quickened Plume

Provides 171 Heal, faster cast.

Crystallized Plume

Provides 199 Heal, reduces damage received by 30% for 4 seconds.

Hastened Plume

Provides 199 Heal, 33% cooldown reduction for 14 seconds.

Medicinal Plume

Provides 199 Heal, dispels basic negative status ailments.

Radiant Plume

Provides 228 Heal.

Flare Plume

Provides 235 Heal.

Dark Crystal Plume

Provides 228 Heal, if used when under 30% health, reduces damage taken by 30% for 4 seconds.

Void Plume

Provides 199 Heal, increases INT by 5% for 10 seconds after use.

Great Phoenix Plume

Provides X Heal. When under 30% health, cast time reduced by 0.5 seconds.

Valkyrie Plume

Provides up to 142-426 Heal. If over 50 soul energy, this plume consumes the energy and heals for more.

Decrepit Plume

Provides 364 Heal. When used, causes dodgerolling and air dashing to have no stamina cost for 10 seconds.

Gaian Plume

Provides X Heal. Cures all status ailments.

Time Warped Plume

Provides 354 Heal. Lowers all ability cooldowns by 20 seconds. 

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    • Anonymous

      the dlc added 2 improvements to plumes. Completing wave 3 and normal boss rush will give you each +200 healing to all plumes.

      • Anonymous

        here's some missing info for the new plumes

        Decrepit : 382 heal, Dodgerolling and air dash at no stamina cost for 10 seconds
        Time Warped : 371 heal, Lower all abilitlys cooldown by 20 seconds
        Gaian : 393 heal, Remove all ailment status (need crafing recipe = Medicinal Plume + 5 Gaia Leaves + 2 Meteorite scraps

        • Anonymous

          It’s possible to get an additional Great Phoenix Plume by attacking the Flying Phoenix in Gaian’s Cradle. Standing on the left edge of the first platform to get the fireball treatment from above, its possible to stand on the left edge and avoid the fire. Using the halberd or scythe’s jumping slash and a couple shots from the bow per pass to whittle at his health bar. After its HP gets to about half or a little under he’ll fly away and drop the plume. Its tedious but an easy way to get a great plume early on.

          • Anonymous

            I seem to have found all the different types of plumes but I’m having a hell of time trying to find the last plume upgrade. Been looking for hours :(

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