Maps in Death's Gambit Afterlife gives player-created maps, guides and instructions for game progression. This includes the newly updated Afterlife Expansions and maps. Maps in Death's Gambit are a new addition that came with the Afterlife Expansion. It now allows players to identify their current location along with icon marks that show upgrades, saves, bosses, heroic areas and objectives. This page provides a basic configuration of each of the Locations available in Death's Gambit. 

Death's Gambit Afterlife Map Guide

Community Generated Maps

The maps that are listed below under the Community Generated Maps was created and generated by @demajen for the Fextralife Wiki. You can visit or check him out on Twitter or Youtube @demajen. Click on the images below for the enlarged version.

Full Map created & generated by @demajen



Death's Gambit Afterlife Maps


Full World Map













Death's Gambit Original Map


This map layout was released with the original Death's Gambit game during the first 2018 release. 

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