Weapons are damage-dealing Equipment in Death's Gambit. Each weapon features a unique moveset to their weapon type. Weapon categories grant specific Abilities to the player when equipped. The protagonist can equip up to two weapons, one in each weapon slot. While engaging in Combat, only one of the two slotted weapons may be used at a time, and the player may alternate between them at any point during a fight. The only category of weapon that supersedes this rule are the Daggers, which are wielded in pairs, one in each hand, and only occupy one weapon slot.

Unlike other games, Shields do not occupy any weapon slots but are instead given their own, therefore you shall always have a shield available regardless of the amount of weapons you have equipped. Weapons can be upgraded +1 to +10 through the use of Soul Stones and Immortalite. This page covers a list of all the weapons featured in Death's Gambit: Afterlife.


Weapon Categories in Death's Gambit




Death's Gambit All Weapons


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Name DMG REQ. Special Effect

Casting Tome

17 8 INT No special effects or bonuses.

Spell Blade

38 15 INT No special effects or bonuses.

Vil'Dradur Greatsword

78 14 STR Attacking enemies creates motes of lightning. Crash down consumes the motes, damaging all nearby enemies.

Vados Longsword

40 STR No special effects or bonuses.

Blades of the Phoenix

22 16 FIN Attacking enemies creates motes of fire. Crashing down consumes 4 motes and creates pillars of fire around you. Blocking attacks consumes all motes.

Steel Greathammer

95 STR No special effects or bonuses.

Vados Axe

47 STR No special effects or bonuses.

Bow of the Damned

13 16 FIN Arrows reset the duration of enemy bleed effects.

Logoth Shortbow

13 FIN No special effects or bonuses.

Darkeater Greatsword

78 21 STR Attacking enemies creates motes of darkness. Air dash consumes a mote and manifests the Dark Knight to deal damage to enemies in your path.

Thief Blades

25 FIN No special effects or bonuses.

Scythe of Restless Spirits

56 40 FIN Attacking enemies creates soul fragments. Crash down consumes the fragments and gives you a Reap effect per fragment consumed. Each effect increases damage dealt by 3%.

H7 Lancer

5 N/A No special effects or bonuses.

Cauterizing Sabre

66 30 STR Absorb fire, increasing damage briefly. Remove bleed on enemies, exploding them instead.

Inquisitor Halberd

72 40 STR Attacking enemies creates motes of spirit. Crash down emits a ring of blood bullets around you that deal dark damage to enemies, consuming 4 motes.

Solar Bow

14 40 FIN Arrows set enemies aflame.

The Swarm

7 N/A The projectiles fired by this weapon arc back as if pulled into an unseen orbit.

Vados Halberd of Illusions

72 50 STR Using Cyclone creates an illusion that triggers its own cyclone whenever you ue the ability. Cyclone cooldown reduced by 3 seconds.

Vados Spear

41 FIN No special effects or bonuses.

Infinity Slicer

150 50 INT Hitting enemies increases elemental damage dealt by tome spells by 10%.

Assault Drone

30 N/A No special effects or bonuses.

Fang of Gaia

54 60 STR Sky Crash creates flowers where you land that heal you and remove minor status ailments. Killing enemies creates flowers that increase your soul energy. Cutting grass heals you for a little bit of health.

Magi-flame Tome

54 12 INT Increases fire based spell damage by 10%

Aldwynn Greatsword

48 STR No special effects or bonuses.

Aldwynn Halberd

43 STR No special effects or bonuses.

Ione Spear

63 15 FIN Main spear combo attacks are twice as fast after using Serpent's Barrage.

Vrael Cleaver

52 16 STR Using Cleaving Throw leaves the axe spinning in place. Using Unyielding Strike or Flame Blitz causes Cleaving Throw cooldown to reset.

Acolyte Scythe

35 FIN No special effects or bonuses.

Duplicitous Edge

16 21 FIN Immune to poison when equipped. Roll attacks remove poison status and turns it into a noxious cloud that hurts enemies.

Immortalite Blade

66 16 STR Deals 10% more base damage than a regular longsword. Effect is removed for 28 seconds if you take damage.

Will of the Gaians

78 40 STR Attacking enemies creates motes of life. Crash down consumes 4 motes and reduces damage taken by 30% for 20 seconds.

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    • Anonymous

      Maybe a bug or feature, but if you equip upgraded weapon in one slot and nonupgraded in another, then nonupgraded will transform in to -1 of the upgraded version. Doesn't work on guns, but they are worthless anyway.

      • Anonymous

        solar bow can be obtained without the air dodge. A well timed swing as you're falling will land you on top of the item.

        • Anonymous

          There is a bug that when you keep shooting arrows while you have Soul Arrows and Multi-shot active near 0 soul energy, your rate of fire increases by an enormous amount. Doing incredible dps.

          • Anonymous

            Hello, I took the time to take a comprehensive comparisson on the weapons provided. Most important: if you did tests yourself then please prove me wrong. Every test was done with same stats across, aswell as same upgrade level. Speeds were stopped manually with a stopwatch: 10 times per weapon, per combo. Forward momentum was not taken into account for the range tests, as that would give out false conclusions (forward momentum =/= range). Movesets and coverage were based on a generall usefullness, single enemy aswell as multiple enemies. Please enjoy. If you have questions, just ask.

            • Anonymous

              Am the only one who thinks the halberd should have scaled with both strength and finesse, I mean it has the req for both and it would make a quality build actually worth it.

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