Weapons are damage-dealing equipment in Death's Gambit. Each weapon features a unique moveset to their weapon type. Weapon categories grant specific abilities to the player when equipped.

The player character can equip two weapons, one in each weapon slot. Each weapon is used ‘one at time’ and not ‘one in each hand’. Unlike other games, you do not need to sacrifice a weapon slot for a shield, and you will always have a shield available to you. One exception is are the daggers, which only takes up one weapon slot while wielding a dagger in each hand.

Weapons can be upgraded +1 to +10 through the use of Soul Stones and Immortalite.


Weapon Categories in Death's Gambit




Death's Gambit Weapons List



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Ability Damage Category Requirements  Special Location

Acolyte Scythe

Scaling: 35
Scythes  Requirements: 7 FIN -
  • Starting Equipment As
    Acolyte of Death.

H7 Lancer

Scaling: 5
Guns   -
  • Found in a hallway leading to a closed shortcut in Garde Tum.

The Swarm

Scaling: 5
Guns  No Req. Bullets return to the user, used to hit one of four switches in Garde Tum.
  • In a Hallway past the Positive/Negative Gates in Garde Tum.

Cinder Bow

Scaling: 12
Bows   A magically infused bow. Enemies take {0} additional fire damage over 7 seconds.
  • Bought from Jaco for 120 Shards.

Aldwynn Greatsword

Scaling: 48
Greatswords Requirements: 2 STR -
  • Starting Equipment As Soldier
  • Can be bought from Jaco of Basilus
  • In the Central Sanctuary, near the falling traps near the entrance to Aldwynn . Go to the right side of the traps and do not trigger them by using the underground pathway. From go up the ladder where there is a lever, and then bounce off from one trap/platform to another until reaching the ledge with the item.

Aldwynn Halberd

Scaling: 43
Halberds   Combo finishers deal 100% more damage when a Halberd ability is on cooldown.
  • Starting Equipment As Noble
  • Can be bought from Jaco of Basilus

Thief Blades

Scaling: 25
Daggers  Requirements: 2 FIN -
  • Starting Equipment As Assassin
  • Can be bought from Jaco of Basilus

Logoth Shortbow
Logoth Shortbow

Scaling: 11
Bows   -
  • Starter bow found at the very beginning of Gaian's Cradle.

Scythe of Reaping
Scythe of Reaping

Scaling: 35
Scythes Requirements: 3 FIN -
  • Preorder scythe.

Crystal Greathammer

Scaling: 94
Greathammers Requirements: 20 STR -
  • Obsidian Vale, dropped by Amarogs wielding it.

Casting Tome

Scaling: 14
Tomes  Requirements: 8 INT -
  • Starting Equipment As Wizard, also dropped by Owlkings in Amulvaro's Observatory.

Steel Greathammer

Scaling: 95
Greathammers   -
  • Obsidian Vale

Vados Longsword

Scaling: 49
Longswords Requirements: 7 STR -
  • Starting Equipment As Sentinel
  • Can be bought from Jaco of Basilus

Vados Axe

Scaling: 47
Axes  Requirements: 7 STR -
  • Starting Equipement As Blood Knight
  • Can be bought from Jaco of Basilus

Vados Spear

Scaling: 41
Spears   -

Amarog Bow

Scaling: 10
Bows   Fires three arrows.
  • Found behind a secret wall in Obsidian Vale. It can also drop from Heroic Cusith at +6.

Bow of the Damned
Bow of the Damned

Scaling: 10
Bows   Arrows apply bleed.
  • Found inside the house in Aldwynn near the underground Aldwynn rest area. From the area, up the ladder the house entrance to the left. From there its a sraight forward up then after  going over the wall just jump into the dark into the platform, keep going right then jump into the last platform. Under that platform is the chest which needs a not usage of a phoenix feather to open.

Cosmic Bow

Scaling: 17
Bows   Arrows explode on impact.

Solar Bow

Scaling: 15
Bows   Arrows set enemies aflame.
  • Found on a ledge in Caer Siorai. Incredibly difficult to acquire and requires the Air Dodge ability to reach.

Spell Blade

Scaling: 44
Swords   Scales with INT

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    • Anonymous

      09 May 2021 06:18  

      solar bow can be obtained without the air dodge. A well timed swing as you're falling will land you on top of the item.

      • Anonymous

        04 Sep 2018 14:51  

        There is a bug that when you keep shooting arrows while you have Soul Arrows and Multi-shot active near 0 soul energy, your rate of fire increases by an enormous amount. Doing incredible dps.

        • Anonymous

          25 Aug 2018 00:51  

          Hello, I took the time to take a comprehensive comparisson on the weapons provided. Most important: if you did tests yourself then please prove me wrong. Every test was done with same stats across, aswell as same upgrade level. Speeds were stopped manually with a stopwatch: 10 times per weapon, per combo. Forward momentum was not taken into account for the range tests, as that would give out false conclusions (forward momentum =/= range). Movesets and coverage were based on a generall usefullness, single enemy aswell as multiple enemies. Please enjoy. If you have questions, just ask.

          • Anonymous

            24 Aug 2018 17:15  

            Am the only one who thinks the halberd should have scaled with both strength and finesse, I mean it has the req for both and it would make a quality build actually worth it.

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