Builds are combinations of equipment and stats created by players in Death's Gambit. You can create builds to optimize damage, defense, or simple roleplay. You can add your build to the table below. You can also create a build page to encourage discussion about your build. Simply enter the name of your build on the page below, highlight it, and press CTRL+E. Then save the page and click the new link to build to create the page.


Death's Gambit builds


Build Name class weapon description
 One Shot Wonder  Wizard/Assassin  Magi-flame tome/any bow  This build requires a high intelligence, thergist aura, and to have access to all skill trees. First, get the thergist aura, upgrade your intelligence, get a bow, and Piercing Light. Next, equip all of them and upgrade your advanced skill tree to make damaging abilities do more damage, then upgrade your first wizard skill and your assassin so that whenever you dodge, your ability cooldowns go down a second. on the base skill tree, make it so that piercing light is faster, the cooldown for the ability in the third slot is reduced and you have four ability slots. Make sure that piercing light is in the third slot.  Additionally, you can use soul boost and time warp to get to 140 soul and immediately use the attack. With this build, I have gotten to 10,000-12,000 damage. But, I do recommend playing around with it to use what best suits you. (side note: if you have done this build correctly, if you parry endless, you one shot her) (another side note: I made this build in NG+13, so I do not guarantee the same results.)


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