Builds are player created combinations of equipment and stats in Death's Gambit. Builds can be made to optimize damage, defense, or simple roleplay. You can add your build to the table below. You may also create a page for your build to facilitate discussion about it. Simply type the name of your build on the page below, highlight it and press CTRL+E. Then save the page, click the new link to your build and make your page.


Builds for Death's Gambit


Build Name Class Weapon Description
Example Build Soldier Short Swords This build focuses on Strength and optimizes at level xx
You should find x, x and x items and use them in x and x way.
 Suggestion  Wizard  Tomes This build utilizes Intelligence and Endurance. Equip an Intelligence based sword in main hand and tome in secondary. You can now do more damage up close but still take advantage of the long range attack.
 Swift death  Assassin  Daggers Main stats are Finesse and Haste, some Endurance is welcome.
Spam dagger skills for single target damage, use scythe or spear as secondary for groups of enemies or bow for cheese.


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