Multiplayer is not a feature of Death's Gambit. Multiplayer mode refers to the intractability with other players during gameplay. This could in a form of pvp of party coop type modes, teams and duels. Although it might be considered in the future, the game has no co-op, pvp or other online features. Regarding the addition of multiplayer or online features, the developers said this on their official discord


Multiplayer in Death's Gambit

Will there be Multiplayer?

  • No. Death's Gambit was designed as a single player experience.

Is there Multiplayer?

  • No. We didn't want to lose focus on making a great single player game by adding in multiplayer.

Will we ever get Multiplayer?

  • Maybe. Get back to me after you've enjoyed the single player experience we've created for you.

Is Death's Gambit a Co-op Game?

  • No. It's not.

Are there Online Features?

  • Online features like leaving behind notes or seeing the ghosts of other players? No. We wanted to focus on making a strong single player experience and not subtracting focus from that by adding in online features and all the things that are required to make that work well. We just wanted to make a really cool game ok?

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