Classes are specializations in Death's Gambit that players select  during character creation under the "Create Soul" title. There are 7 unique classes to choose from, each with different starting equipment and Stats.


Classes in Death's Gambit



Trained by the military of Vados. Good all-round fighter. Blocking attacks gives you Soul Energy to use for Abilities.



Quick and nimble fighter that favors close range combat. Dodging attacks gives you Soul Energy to use for Abilities.


Blood Knight

Reckless warrior that rewards aggressive combat styles. You can regain health that was recently lost if you quickly retaliate.



You fight with complex ranged magic. Using a healing Phoenix Feather will give you Soul Energy to use for Abilities.



You worked your way up the chain of lords. An agent of royalty will visit you to sell unique items. Using items gives you Soul Energy to use for Abilities.



A master of arms. You can equip any weapon and shield as long as you have half of the stats required. Parrying gives Soul Energy to use for Abilities.


Acolyte of Death

You worship death, letting you restore broken Death Idols. These can be used to rest and save. Killing enemies gives you Soul Energy for Abilities.


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    • Anonymous

      11 Jun 2019 21:03  

      Assassin Finesse/Haste hybrid for the win. Bow/Spear. Not for a mortal run though. That would go poorly for you. Nice speedy damage and exploitation of roll timing. Probably a little squishier than other classes though. Mythril boots help.

      • Anonymous

        19 Aug 2018 11:57  

        playing 5hours on this class. Maybe i suck im lvl 24 and have only beaten owlking so far. Boring grinding to level up and the combat is dull. Shold i pick another class? which is better, cus i think this class is crap and i never block anyway since the mechanic is*****.

        • Anonymous

          18 Aug 2018 02:35  

          It's worth pointing out that the Sentinel starts off able to wield almost all of the best strength weapons in the game at the base stat of 7 str because of the soul ability, making it a solid choice for the "Perfect Run" achievement in which you don't level up and eat the game in under 4 hours.

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