Gifts in Death's Gambit are game items that you may select during character creation. These can be found within the game, so it is only a temporary advantage to get you started. Most of the items are limited-use and are consumable, but come in a limited quantitiy, but a few items are key items or equipment. These gifts can be selected after choosing a class. These gifts are chosen in addition to a Classes' starting equipment. Details of each starting equipment can be found on the Classes page.  There are 9 available gifts in total for players to choose from. Before selection, players will be given the option to browse through all the gifts and read through their effect. Each gift option available and their effects are listed below.


All Gifts in Death's Gambit

Spellbinder's Aura

Aura enchanted with elemental wisps, Using abilities increases Intellect by 2 for 24 seconds, stacks up to 10 Intellect.

Gaian Blood
x 5

Gives 35 soul energy when consumed

Crystal Bomb
x 8

Unstable crystal, explodes when thrown dealing 320 lightning damage.


Blinds you when equipped. Hunters would use these while training to hone their other senses.

Vados Spear

Quick long range weapon. Scales with finessse.

Vados Helm

Helm worn by military soldiers of Vados. Increases your vitality by 5.

Shield of Warding

Reduces time of negative status effects by 25%. 

Soul Stone
x 5

In the hands to the right person, can be used to upgrade weapons and armor. 

Lenny's Broken Sword

A broken longsword. Deals 75% less damage than a regular longsword.


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