Tundra Lord Kaern

Health 5400
Heroic Health 10000
Shards 900 shards

Tundra Lord Kaern is one of the Bosses in Death's Gambit. Bosses are located throughout the game and award special loot upon completion as well as drop significant Shards.



The resurected leader of the Amarogs. You face him on a precariously balanced platform when he is fresh from the dead.

It's unknown whether by chance or fate, the Amarogs discovered they could achieve immortality through ritual sacrifice. The green crystals are a byproduct of their ceremony.

Harnessing the crystals as the Altaire do, they crafted a crystal heart for the Kaern, an empty phial refilled by the souls of those they sacrifice.



Tundra Lord Location





Tundra Lord Drop Table

Item Chance Normal/Heroic
Immortalite stone 100% (only first kill) Heroic 
Dark leather boots (+5) 33% Heroic
Barbaric boots (+5) 33% Heroic
Priest slippers(+5) 33% Heroic
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??



Tundra Lord Strategy

  • This boss fight takes place on an improperly secured platform, so pay attention to which way it is leaning and balance it properly. Otherwise, it slides right off and you die.
  • He can summon icicles from the ground and hurtle them at you, thankfully they can be easily destroyed with jumping attacks. 
  • When he roars he is about to rush you with a barrage of punches, so either get to the opposite side of the platform, block or roll through him.
  • Between each phase, he jumps to the background and summons ice pillars onto your platform. DON'T PANIC. These pillars do NOT affect the balance mechanic. Only you do. So instead, stay calm and work on destroying the pillars at your pace and building soul energy.
  •  During this phase you cannot directly attack the boss but your DOT effect will still drain its health and can even kill the boss if the damage is strong enough, so be sure to use all of your DOT effect (bleed and fire from skills, bows) right before it enters the next phase in order to deal some extra damage in the mean time. However, if your DOT damage is strong enough to trigger his next phase, after jumping back to the fighting platform, the boss will jump out again INSTANTLY and start to throw Ice Pillars. So be sure to time your DOT attack this time as well.
  • When he jumps back to the platform, he will create shockwaves that can be blocked. He also will start doing this jump attack during the future phases, up to three total jumps.
  • When down to his last 10th of health, he begins a desperation attack. The platform fixes to 180 degrees, the boss hovers into the air and no longer moves. As you begin to desperately rain blows against him, icicles will fall from the sky randomly.
  • In Heroic, he is pretty much the same with just more HP for him and the pillars, and the balance mechanic is a little crazier. (And on Heroic he spawns bombs that roll with speed relative to the platform's tilt. Try to lean the platform to roll them off, or be far away when they go off)



Tundra Lord Notes & Tips

  • The Amarog bow found behind a secret western wall in the boss' area is a great DPS boost.
  • When you first enter Obsidian Vale, you can see him getting resurrected in the background.
  • Defeating the boss lets you save the Enchanter (who upgrades weaponry) and grants access to the Amarog Key, which in turn saves the two prisoners in the cages from earlier in the level. However, these contents are optional when you have the Skeleton Key as it can open all door and NPC Ash you find in the later game can serve you as an Enchanter, skill teacher as well.



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