Shields are special protective equipment in Death's Gambit. Shields grant specific abilities to the player when equipped.

The player character can equip two Weapons, one in each weapon slot. Each weapon is used ‘one at time’ and not ‘one in each hand’. Unlike other games you do not need to sacrifice a weapon slot for a shield, and you will always have a shield available to you. One exception is are the daggers, which only takes up one weapon slot while wielding a dagger in each hand.

Shields can be upgraded +1 to +10 through the use of Soul Stones and Immortalite.

Death's Gambit Shields List



Ability Toughness Requirement Special Location

Vados Shield

C 2 STR -
  • Starting Equipement For All Classes Except Assassin.

Plank Shield

B 1 STR -

Shield of Warding

C 5 STR Reduces time of negative status effects by 25%.

Covenant Shield

B 8 STR -

Gift of the Grey Wanderer

B 6 STR Illuminates while blocking, consuming stamina.

Reaper's Maw
Reaper’s Maw

B 20 STR While at max stamina, shield rating is S.

Wooden Targe

F 2 STR Your movement speed while blocking is faster.
  • Starting Equipment As Assassin.
  • Located just left of the second resting place in Gaian's Cradle. You need to jump through a hole in a hollow log to loot it.

Tortoise Shell

A 30 STR Blocks attacks from both sides. Cannot move, kick, or parry while blocking.
  • Found to the left in Y'lnoth after the long fall that rotates the screen.

Bulwark's Shield

A 30 STR Whenever you block an attack you gain a bit of soul energy.
  • Dropped by the Bulwark when beaten on Normal.

Shaman Shield

C 4 STR Blocking an attack temporarily increases intelligence by 1, up to 5. The effect lasts 10 seconds.

Moss Shield

S 18 STR Consumes stamina while blocking.
  • Found on a small stone arch at the beginning of Aldwynn. Simply jump and hold left from the top of the ladder to the right.

Corpse Shield

A 5 STR Reduces physical damage while blocking by 25%. Poison builds up while the shield is out.
  • Sold by Fink (merchant located after Ione battle) for 200.

Drake Knight Shield

S 62 STR -

Energy Shield

B 8 STR Blocking attacks energize you, increasing Str/Fin/Int by 4 for 18 seconds. (Currently bugged to reset player stats without dropping level. Fixed by restarting the game. Better to just leave it for now.)
  • Found in Garde Tum after riding a floating ladder up to a small ledge.

Necrotic Shield
Necrotic Shield

B 1 STR -
  • Pre-Order bonus.

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    • Anonymous

      24 Aug 2018 06:36  

      I don't have the power to edit but just in case anyone's struggling with heroic amulvaro, the tortoise shield is excellent for this fight and I keep it around just for him. It trivializes the phase where he tele dashes from multiple sides. worth the str investment even if you aren't a str build imo even better if you're sentinel so you can get it at 15 str.

      • Anonymous

        22 Aug 2018 21:51  

        the drake knight shield requieres 62 or 63 strength to weild, and is indeed a rare dropp from the respawning drake knight in the observatory

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