Shields are special protective equipment in Death's Gambit: Afterlife. Shields grant specific abilities to the player when equipped. The player character can equip two weapons, one in each weapon slot, and one shield, however, players will need to have the required value of Stats in order to equip the shield. Each weapon is used ‘one at time’ and not ‘one in each hand’. Unlike other games, you do not need to sacrifice a weapon slot for a shield, and you will always have a shield available to you. One exception is are the daggers, which only takes up one weapon slot while wielding a dagger in each hand. This page covers a list of all the Shields featured in Death's Gambit: Afterlife.

Shield Mechanics

Equipping a shield is essential and an important item to be used by Sorun. Open the inventory by pressing I and drag the shield onto the Shield Slot to equip the desired piece. Here are the following mechanics that you can do with a shield:

  • First of, by pressing the S button, Sorun takes out the equipped shield and uses it to block incoming enemy attacks, if a hit lands while the shield is up, the stamina bar starts to deplete, but depending on the strength or power of the attack, as well as the shield's rating, it can either take out small or large chunks of Sorun's stamina.
  • Second, while Sorun has his shield up, players can press the RMB (Right Mouse Button by default) to execute a sliding dash kick. This is a strong mobility and combat movement because it can temporarily stun enemies that are holding a shield, you can evade enemy attacks, and you can dash through gaps with this movement.
  • And finally, pressing the S button to take out the shield just when an attack is about to land causes a Perfect Block. When this happens, this briefly stuns the enemy, allowing you to press the attack button to execute a finishing strike against weak enemies, or a large amount of damage towards strong enemies and Bosses.

Can I Upgrade my Shield?

Unofrtunately, you cannot upgrade your shield. Weapons and Armor are the only items that you can upgrade by speaking to Zuma or once you've defeated the Soul of the Phoenix and obtain the upgrade of improving your equipment via a Death Idol.

Other tips to remember: The higher a SHIELD rating, the less stamina it consumes when blocking attacks. For example, a B rating blocks 25% more effectively, while an A rating blocks 50%, and an S rating blocks 75%.


Death's Gambit All Shields


Comparison Table


Quick Search of All Shields

Name Toughness Req. Special

Bulwark's Shield

A 30 STR Whenever you block an attack you gain a bit of soul energy.

Celestial Shield

SS 80 STR Perfect block retaliation damage+20%

Corpse Shield

? 8 STR Poison builds up while blocking.

Covenant Shield

B STR No special effects or bonuses.

Dragon Knight Shield

S 62 STR No special effects or bonuses.

Energy Shield

B 8 STR Blocking attacks increases your non-elemental damage by 4% for 18 seconds.

Gaian Shield

SS 200 STR

Halves damage taken when shield broken

Gift of the Grey Wanderer

C 10 STR If you have an elemental orb equipped on slot 1, blocking an enemy attack will create one of that orb.

Kodama Shield

C STR This shield is an amalgamation of the Kodama Spirits, able to neutralize incoming effects of Poison.

Moss Shield

S 18 STR Consumes stamina while blocking.

Necrotic Shield

B 1 STR No special effects or bonuses.

Plank Shield

B STR No special effects or bonuses.

Reaper's Maw

B 20 STR Gain 25 Soul Energy when shield broken.

Royal Crest of Mistra

A 50 FIN Perfect block retaliation damage+20%

Shaman Shield

C STR Blocking an attack temporarily increases elemental damage by 2%, stacks up to 6%. Effect lasts 22 seconds.

Shield of Warding

C STR Reduces time of negative status effects by 25%.

Tortoise Shield

A 30 STR Blocks attacks from both sides. Cannot move, kick, or parry while blocking.

Vados Shield

C STR No special effects or bonuses.

Wooden Targe

F STR Your movement speed while blocking is faster.

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    • Anonymous

      I don't have the power to edit but just in case anyone's struggling with heroic amulvaro, the tortoise shield is excellent for this fight and I keep it around just for him. It trivializes the phase where he tele dashes from multiple sides. worth the str investment even if you aren't a str build imo even better if you're sentinel so you can get it at 15 str.

      • Anonymous

        the drake knight shield requieres 62 or 63 strength to weild, and is indeed a rare dropp from the respawning drake knight in the observatory

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