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Death's Gambit FAQ


Official Developer FAQ


What is Death's Gambit?

Death's Gambit is a challenging 2D action platformer with deep RPG elements. Death's Gambit draws inspiration from Metroidvania games, the Souls series, and 2D platformers. Death's Gambit has deep RPG elements which include skill trees, 7 classes, a level up system for stats, item stat requirements, and special abilities to unlock.

Who made Death's Gambit?

Death's Gambit is created, designed, and developed by Jean Canellas and Alex Kubodera of White Rabbit, and published by Adult Swim Games.

Who composed the music?

The Death's Gambit original soundtrack was composed by Kyle Hnedak. You can check out some of the tracks on his Soundcloud - https://soundcloud.com/kyle-hnedak.

Can you tell us more about our hero?

Sorun was born to a fiefdom within Vados. As part of their tribute, his father was drafted into the Great Expedition while Sorun was still a newborn. Growing up with his mother, she instilled in him the ideals to live a life worth remembering. They were her parting words before the Expedition took her as well.

Sorun would come to follow in their footsteps, taking command of a sizable company. But when faced with Death, he thinks immortality will give him the means to honor his mother's memory, and make a name for himself. But immortality is not without its costs.

Does our hero have any friends or allies besides Death?

There are many helpful characters you can meet along the way. Some you will encounter as you naturally progress throughout the world, while others may be more difficult to find.

Is the world of Death's Gambit non-linear?

After completing the first level the world opens up and you can tackle many levels and bosses in many different orders. There is no teleporting between save points, or other means of fast travel. The world of Siradon is interconnected and exploration is encouraged, while your horse will help you traverse long distances across areas at greater speed.

Does Death's Gambit have achievements?

Yes! Death's Gambit will have Steam Achievements and PlayStation Trophies on their respective platforms.

Is there dual wielding?

Your character will be able to equip two weapons, one in each weapon slot. Each weapon is used ‘one at time' and not ‘one in each hand'. Unlike other games you do not need to sacrifice a weapon slot for a shield, and you will always have a shield available to you. One exception is are the daggers, which only takes up one weapon slot while wielding a dagger in each hand.

Will there be upgrades?

Yes. You can upgrade pieces of armor and weapons from +1 to +10 through the use of Soul Stones and Immortalite. More information about the upgrade system and gear will be revealed as we get closer to launch.

How does the talent system work?

Each class in the game has a talent tree that provides you with new abilities as you play the game. There are two talents, one near the start and one at the end of the tree that changes depending on the class. You gain talent points by killing bosses, and are able to spend them at save points throughout Siradon. Total available talent points are not equal to the amount of possible points you can spend so choose wisely, and know that respeccing is not an option.

I didn't get enough, can you tell us more about the story and our hero?

We'll slowly be revealing more details about the lore, world, and hero of Death's Gambit as we draw closer to launch. You can keep an eye on http://twitter.com/deaths_gambit for information as it is revealed.

Will heroic mode be within New Game Plus?

Yes. Non-heroic bosses are already really hard. Heroic mode is for the crazy 1% and then NG+ heroic is just lunacy. You can still play the game NG+ without having to do the heroic bosses, but we admire those who try.

Is the game better with keyboard and mouse or controller?

This is something that's always up to you as the player. We've built Death's Gambit with controller in mind, but also offer full Mouse and Keyboard support with the ability to rebind and customize your controls.

Are there plans for a physical release?

It is something we've discussed, and is certainly possible! But for now, on August 14th, Death's Gambit will release on Steam and PlayStation Store.

What languages will Death's Gambit be in?

We're currently aiming to have Death's Gambit localized in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German at launch. We may look into localizing for other languages depending on demand, so if you have a language you want to play Death's Gambit in let us know!

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