Items in Death's Gambit refers to the many consumables, projectiles and keys that may be found throughout the game. Items are used for healing, dealing damage, or consumed for Shards, to perform Upgrades or to open special locations. You may also want to see Weapons, Shields and Armor for details on equipment. This page includes the updated list of all Items in Death's Gambit, their categories, effects, and relevant details


Items in Death's Gambit


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Item Type Effect Description

Seed of Knowledge

Consumables Consuming this gives a talent point. Legends say that when these are planted don't eh ground in Gaian's Cradle they bloom into a flower that creates a creature of Gaia.

Gaian Blood

Consumables Increases endurance regeneration by 100% for 14 seconds. Stories of the towering Gaians have been passed down for generations. It's the job of the Sandmen to harvest the slumbering giants for parts. The blood is said to harnesses great potential, but whether this blood is genuine remains dubious.

Abyssal Eye

Consumables An occult spell that summons a third eye. Wicked tales exist of cultists who gouge out their eyes, throwing them to the fire in hopes that their sacrifice will grant them unified vision with their god. But what if their god is blind?

Crow Plume

Consumables Returns you to the last Death idol rested at. The opalescent jet plume of a crow. They have long been the harbingers of Death, their eyes said to be a gateway for him to observe our world. Mortals fear these birds, taking them as an omen of their impending doom.


Consumables Removes Poison. Said to grow from the ashen wake of fire, the white blossoms are symbolic of purified souls. For this reason, funerals in Vados often overflow with the pale petals of the draconem.


Consumables Removes contagion and other minor status ailments. This applies to yourself and those near you. A fabled curative sought after by many. Some kings even assume that the panacea is the secret to immortality.

golden-carrot-icon-items-equipment-deaths-gambit-wiki-guideGolden Carrot

Consumables ?? A unique carrot, worthy of being a prize vegetable in Vados for its golden luster. Looking at it alone makes you salivate. Perhaps someone or something would treasure such a find.


Consumables ?? A mushroom from the cavern crawlers that lurk amidst humid ruins. Poisonous if consumed.

Dark Empowerment Sigil

Consumables  ?? All of your attacks are now dark elemental type attacks but you no longer gain soul energy. Lasts 20 seconds.

Soul Stone

Upgrade Component to enchant equipment. If used as an item, it turns into 50 shards. A rare stone manufactured by the original architects of Caer Siorai, the Ailtire. It pulses with the innate energy of a soul.

Immortalite StoneImmortalite Stone

Upgrade Powerful magesmiths can imbue equipment with its magical properties. When used as an item, it turns into 1000 shards. Stone surging with legendary power. Legends say this stone manifests itself when a powerful immortal is killed soon after reviving.

Throwing Daggers

Projectiles - A simple set of balanced daggers, often carried by emissaries and rogues. They're easy to conceal, and deadly in the hands of someone with practiced aim.

crystal-bomb-icon-items-equipment-deaths-gambit-wiki-guideCrystal Bomb

Projectiles Unstable crystal which explodes when thrown, dealing 280 lightning damage. An unstable crystal, jittering with pent up energy.

Fire BombFire Bomb

Projectiles Fire bomb which explodes when thrown dealing 500 fire damage. Also sets enemies on fire. ??

Warp OrbWarp Orb

Projectiles Explodes when thrown, dealing 280 lightning damage. Teleport to the explosion location. An unstable crystal, warping the space around it.

Sun StoneSun Stone

Projectiles Radiant stone that illuminates dark areas. Can be thrown. These stones absorb natural light, exuding a pleasant warmth and light when night falls. The streets of Vados and many more cities use them on a daily basis.

gaian_leaf_deaths_gambit_wikiLeaf of Gaia

Consumables When consumed, restores all health and removes minor status ailments. There are rumors of groves, untouched by seasons. Where spring is eternal, and the leaves are lush. They are the locus of ley lines, the nervous system of gaia and radiant sites of magic. This leaf is proof of such a place.

grimgauds_brew_deaths_gambit_wikiGrimgaud’s Brew

Consumables Lowers stamina regeneration and increases damage by 25% for 30 seconds. May have unintended side effects. Grimgaud is particularly proud of his home made brew. It’s potent flavour has hints of grapeberry with an oaky aftertaste.

suicide-blade-icon-items-equipment-deaths-gambit-wiki-guideSuicide Blade

Key Items Small blade that can be used to kill yourself. You were told as a child that any mortal who commits suicide does not gain entrance to heaven.

rusted_pendant_deaths_gambit_wikiRusty Charm

Key Items ?? A locket holding a small picture of my parents. There is an engraving that reads: To our dearest loves, we watch over you.

crest_of_cusith_deaths_gambit_wikiCrest of Cusith

Key Items A stone emblem that seems to slot into something. A creature’s face is carved onto this circular stone tablet. Gaians born out of the earth were magnificent creatures that rightly were worshipped as gods by primitive cultures. But something changed that put most of them into an eternal sleep. The mystery of the Deep Sleep remains a contentious subject.

crest_of_cusith_deaths_gambit_wikiCrest of Gaia

Key Items    

Amarog KeyAmarog Key

Key Items Key used by the Amarog to imprison captives. The Amarog have been enslaving wanderers and using them as sacrificial lambs for some kind of ritual to resurrect the Kaern. Death seems to be a transitory state for them, sustaining their longevity through harvesting souls.

placeholder_iconForbidden Key

Key Items A key to the city of Garde Tum. Ingested by the Dark Knight during a fierce battle with Origa. What secrets they've come to harness remains a mystery. Would such technology be indistinguishable from magic?

Sigil of Caer SioraiSigil of Caer Siorai (Number One)

Key Items Used to open of  the underground passage to Caer Siorai One of three sigils used to open the underground passage ways to Caer Siorai.

Sigil of Caer Siorai (Number Two)

Key Items Used to open of  the underground passage to Caer Siorai One of three sigils used to open the underground passage ways to Caer Siorai.

Sigil of Caer Siorai (Number Three)

 Key Items Used to open of  the underground passage to Caer Siorai  One of three sigils used to open the underground passage ways to Caer Siorai.

placeholder_iconSkeleton Key

Key Items Allows you to open most locked doors that require a key. A masterwork of ingenuity, this key changes the length of each individual teeth to fit a given lock.

Church Basement KeyChurch Basement Key

Key Items Used to open the door to the churches basement in Aldwynn. An elaborate key for the church of Aldwynn. For all their pomp, antiquated offerings never saved a soul.

Ivory KeyIvory Key

Key Items Use to unlock the cell doors in Journey's End. A white key used by the nightmarish jailors of the cavernous prison spire. Only husks remain of the captives left to marinate in the darkness. There is an eerie sense of familiarity to them. They whisper for death.

death's_contract_deaths_gambit_wikiDeath's Contract

Miscellaneous Prevents the player from dying. Destroying the contract causes the player to enter perma-death mode. My contract with Death. It keeps me alive until I fulfill my mission. The contract can be canceled at any time, though it’ll leave me mortal. I have to be certain that’s what I want. The page radiates with an ominous sensation. It’s seemingly capable of crossing realms.

Otherworldly Flesh

Miscellaneous   Sickly looking flesh from another dimension. It appears slick and scaly, as though of aquatic origin. Or perhaps it's just putrid. There my be some use to this, if given to the right pair of idle hands.

placeholder_iconGaian Relic 1 - 5

Miscellaneous ?? Looks like a broken carapace of a Gaian.


Miscellaneous - A Corpse Snail adapted to the war torn life of Siradon. Its shells are primarily comprised of skulls and helmets, finding its nutrition and home in the decaying head of dead soldiers. Poisonous if consumed.

parasite_deaths_gambit_wikiParasitic Lifeform

Miscellaneous ?? I should drop this...but...but it looks so cute!


Miscellaneous Blinds you when equipped. Hunters would use these while training to hone their other senses.

Armor Scraps

Materials ?? The scavenged remains of armor, weathered and encrusted in dirt and blood. A skilled artisan would be able to reforge them into a new set of gear. When used, turns into 75 essence.

Dark Matter

 Materials  ?? An unstable element, cosmic in nature. Its properties are unknown, but its power is tangible even to a novice of rare elements. A skilled artisan would be able to harness it for something. When used as an item, it turns into 3000 essence.

Bee Stinger

Materials ?? The broken stinger of a Bramble Wasp, native to the mysterious labyrinth. A skilled artisan might be able to fashion something out of it.

Meteorite Scraps

Materials ?? A rare metallic substance with intrinsic value to an artisan. Infusing it with scraps of armor or other substances might produce some high grade equipment. When consumed, turns into 500 essence.

Broken ArrowBroken Arrow

Materials ?? Fragments of wood and iron that once formed an arrow. Completely useless.

Dead FlowerDead Flower

Materials ?? Some dead flowers Fink found nearby. He says their smell reminds him of home.


Materials ?? Fink swears these stones are imbued with legendary power. But it looks like rubble scattered all across Aldwynn.

Great Phoenix PlumePhoenix Feather Tuft

Consumables  Increases the amount of healing items by 1.  ??

Phoenix DownPhoenix Down

Materials A component for Sigur’s ritual. The soft down feather of the Phoenix. It glows brightly, exuding a gentle warmth.

placeholder_iconThe Coconut

Materials ??? Keeps demons in asylums from regenerating health. Can be used to make the legendary pina colada.

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