Sorun Galbraith

Main Playable Character

Sorun Galbraith in Death's Gambit is the protagonist and player character in Death's Gambit. Players assume the identity of a deceased warrior who has been revived by Death and is on a mission to find his beloved mother and return her home.


Sorun Galbraith Information

Resurrected by Death, the main character agrees to pursue and destroy all Immortals (Bosses) of the land, in exchange for eternal life for himself. Players may select a soul during character creation that will determine the starting Class and Gifts for that character

To achieve his goals, the protagonist will use a variety of Weapons and Armor, and engage in both close-range and ranged combat, even featuring magic. Players must further rely on Talents and Abilities to take on the increasingly difficult areas of the game.


Protagonist Lore [SPOILERS]

Sorun was born to a fiefdom within Vados. As part of their tribute, his father was drafted into the Great Expedition while Sorun was still a newborn. Growing up with his mother, Everly, she instilled in him the ideals to live a life worth remembering. They were her parting words before the Expedition took her as well.

Sorun would come to follow in their footsteps, taking command of a sizable company. But when faced with Death, he thinks immortality will give him the means to honor his mother’s memory, and make a name for himself. But immortality is not without its costs.

Sorun's goal during the expedition is to find his mother, Everly. He is to encounter many nightmares and discover the dark secrets of Siradon throughout his journey falling into the grasp of Thalamus, the Dark God, and eventually discovering the worst - that his beloved mother had turned into a monstrous zombified warrior going by the name of Endless and that he must ultimately kill her and destroy the notorious Source of Immortality in order to free her from the evil that has befallen Siradon. After doing this he has to continue living somehow despite him losing everything. Saving Siradon and his mother's soul however might turn out to come with another, far more horrifying price as he has to take her place in the eternal torment after death, having to relive this nightmarish journey infinitely as it is implied by the ng+ mechanic of the game. Will there be salvation for Sorun? Will he be able to eventually reunite with his mother in the afterlife? We can only hope so.






Sorun Classes

Classes in Death's Gambit: Afterlife are specializations that players select during character creation under the "Create Soul" title. There are 7 unique classes to choose from, each with different set of starting equipment, and Stats, giving them a different playstyle. In the newly released Afterlife expansions, players can now trial these classes and weapons before committing to one. This page covers a list of all Class stats, and all starting equipment details according to class and type. These details, descriptions and stats can also be found while trialing the classes at the beginning of the game in the new Afterlife expansion. Each player is entitled to a set of starting equipment that might consist of weapons, items, helms, capes, shields, boots and healing equipment. This is in addition to an extra Gift that players may select after choosing a class to begin the game. All available gifts can be found here.


Which Class Should I Choose in Death's Gambit Afterlife?

The Afterlife Expansion comes with a new feature that allows players to trial each of the classes and their weapons before committing to a Class. The game has provided a few recommendations when deciding on a Class based on play style but there are a few other things players can consider when choosing a Class:

Death's Gambit Afterlife Class Recommendations

  • Soldier: Recommended if you enjoy slower and strategic melee gameplay.
  • Assassin: Recommended if you are already a Death's Gambit expert.
  • Blood Knight: Recommended if you enjoy fast-paced hack and slash gameplay. 
  • Wizard: Recommended if you enjoy ranged magic combat.
  • Noble: Recommended if you enjoy slower and strategic gameplay.
  • Sentinel: Recommended if you enjoy slower and strategic melee gameplay.
  • Acolyte of Death: Recommended if you enjoy strategic gameplay.


Classes in Death's Gambit



Trained by the military of Vados. Good all-round fighter. Blocking attacks gives you Soul Energy to use for Abilities. Longsword damage scales with Strength.

Recommended if you enjoy slower and strategic melee gameplay.


Quick and nimble fighter that favors close range combat. Dodging attacks gives you Soul Energy to use for Abilities. Dagger damage scale with Finesse.

Recommended if you are already a Death's Gambit expert.

Blood Knight

Reckless warrior that rewards aggressive combat styles. You can regain health that was recently lost if you quickly retaliate with an ability.

Recommended if you enjoy fast-paced hack and slash gameplay. 



You fight with complex ranged magic. Using a healing Phoenix Feather will give you Soul Energy to use for Abilities. Tome damage scales with Intelligence.

Recommended if you enjoy ranged magic combat.


You worked your way up the chain of lords. An agent of royalty will visit you to sell unique items. Using items gives you Soul Energy to use for Abilities. Halberd damage scales with Strength.

Recommended if you enjoy slower and strategic gameplay.



A master of arms. You can equip any weapon and shield as long as you have half of the stats required. Parrying gives Soul Energy to use for Abilities. Greatsword damage scales with Strength

Recommended if you enjoy slower and strategic melee gameplay.


Acolyte of Death

You worship death, letting you restore broken Death Idols. These can be used to rest and save. Killing enemies gives you Soul Energy for Abilities. Scythe damage scales with Finesse

Recommended if you enjoy strategic gameplay.



Death's Gambit Stat Comparison Table 

Blood Knight
Acolyte of Death
vitality_deaths_gambit_wiki_guide_sVitality 5 1 3  1 2 3
strength_deaths_gambit_wiki_guide_sStrength 4
finesse_deaths_gambit_wiki_guide_sFinesse 3
endurance_deaths_gambit_wiki_guide_sEndurance 2
intelligence_deaths_gambit_wiki_guide_sIntellect 3
haste_deaths_gambit_wiki_guide_sHaste 1 1
will-stat-icon-deaths-gambit-afterlife-wiki-guide-25px Will 100 100 100 100 100 100 100


Death's Gambit: Afterlife Starting Equipment by Class 



All Starting Equipment in Death's Gambit

Conscript's Cape
Cape A weathered capem donned by the enlisted soldiers od Vafos. Your mother would have been proud to see you wear its color. But has it all been worth it? 
Lucent Plume
Heal A plume from the legendary Phoenix. Unleashing its natural radiance has restorative properties.
Thief Blades
Dagger Daggers that deliver attacks in rapid succession. The tools os both thieves and knightsm when precision is more valuable that brute force. 
Wooden Targe
Shield Your movement speed while block is faster. A simple lightweight shield. There's really not much else to it.  
Aldwynn Greatsword
 Greatsword A common, heavy, two-handed weapon, particularly effective against multiple foes. Its worn steel bears the weathering of practiced hand. How many of Vados have fallen to its edge? 
Aldwynn Halberd
Haldberd A common, heavy, two-handed weapon with long reach. All shielded knights of Aldwynn carry these.
Vados Shield
 Shield Infantry shiled for soldiers from Vados. No amount of preparation could have change what ultimately happened. If what Death said is true, I hope they don't scorn me in the after life...
Vados Longsword
Longsword A standard Vados issues longsword. ITs hilt is decorated like a tree, where its branches from the crossguard. The blood stains look as though they're macabre blossoms
Vados Axe
Axe A standard Vados issues axe. ITs weathered blade has seen multiple expeditions. Sometimes those who participate simply have nothing more to lose, and everything to gain.
Casting Tome
Tome A simple spellbook used by most apprentice practitioners of magic. They are traditionally hand-me-downs from master to ward.   
Magister's Hood
Helm Notorious for their service as royal advisors to kings, the Magisters of Nuram wear prominent white hoods and a golden mask to veil their treacherous smiles. 
Item Removes Poison. Said to grow from the ashen wake of fire, the white blossoms are symbolic o f purified souls. For this reason, funerals in Vados often overflow with the pale petals of the draconem.
Gaian Blood
Item Gives 25 soul energy when consumed. Stories of the towering Gaians have been passed down for generations. It's the Sandmen's job to harvest the slumbering giants for parts.
Crow Feather
Item Returns you to the last Death idol rested at. The opalescent jet feather of a crow. They have long been the harbingers of Death, their eyes said to be a gateway for him to observe our world. 
Acolyte Scythe
Scythe A scytge given to those who worship Death. Just as a farmer harvests wheatm so to does Death harvest souls. Out life force transcends into a new plane of existence to perpetuate life beyond our understanding.  


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      I died in Almulvaro's observatory and heard some dialogue between Sorun and Death. Sorun asked death is he had a list of all of the people he ferried across to the after life. Death mentions that he has not ferried Everly Galbraith across. Not sure if that's Sorun's last name or if it's his mother's maiden name.

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