Sorun Galbraith is the protagonist and player character in Death's Gambit. Players assume the identity of a deceased warrior who has been revived by Death and is on a mission to find his beloved mother and return her home.



The protagonist of Death's Gambit - Sorun Galbraith


Resurrected by Death, the main character agrees to pursue and destroy all Immortals (Bosses) of the land, in exchange for eternal life for himself. Players may select a soul during character creation that will determine the starting Class and Gifts for that character

To achieve his goals, the protagonist will use a variety of Weapons and Armor, and engage in both close-range and ranged combat, even featuring magic. Players must further rely on Talents and Abilities to take on the increasingly difficult areas of the game.


Protagonist Lore [SPOILERS]

Sorun was born to a fiefdom within Vados. As part of their tribute, his father was drafted into the Great Expedition while Sorun was still a newborn. Growing up with his mother, Everly, she instilled in him the ideals to live a life worth remembering. They were her parting words before the Expedition took her as well.

Sorun would come to follow in their footsteps, taking command of a sizable company. But when faced with Death, he thinks immortality will give him the means to honor his mother’s memory, and make a name for himself. But immortality is not without its costs.

Sorun's goal during the expedition is to find his mother, Everly. He is to encounter many nightmares and discover the dark secrets of Siradon throughout his journey falling into the grasp of Thalamus, the Dark God, and eventually discovering the worst - that his beloved mother had turned into a monstrous zombified warrior going by the name of Endless and that he must ultimately kill her and destroy the notorious Source of Immortality in order to free her from the evil that has befallen Siradon. After doing this he has to continue living somehow despite him losing everything. Saving Siradon and his mother's soul however might turn out to come with another, far more horrifying price as he has to take her place in the eternal torment after death, having to relive this nightmarish journey infinitely as it is implied by the ng+ mechanic of the game. Will there be salvation for Sorun? Will he be able to eventually reunite with his mother in the afterlife? We can only hope so.



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    • Anonymous

      18 Aug 2018 09:18  

      I died in Almulvaro's observatory and heard some dialogue between Sorun and Death. Sorun asked death is he had a list of all of the people he ferried across to the after life. Death mentions that he has not ferried Everly Galbraith across. Not sure if that's Sorun's last name or if it's his mother's maiden name.

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