Warning, this guide is heavily outdated, and was made for the original version of the  game, a guide for the Afterlife update will eventually be released.

Game Progress Route for Death's Gambit is a recommended game progression overview. If you have just begun, we suggest you check out the New Player Help and Combat pages so that you do not get stuck at bosses. A full guide for each zone is provided in the Walkthrough.


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Game Progress Route for Death's Gambit

Gaian's Cradle




  1. Defeat Ione
  2. Defeat Owlking


Key Components of Level

  • Introductuary
    • Characters/Lore/Controls & Game Mechanics
  • Decent amount of starting equipment to pick up
  • 2 Bosses


Rider's Passage




  1. Reach Owlking


Key Components of Level

  • Extremely Short
  • Introduction to fast travel system in the game (Horse & Bells)
  • Optional boss in the form of Cusith - once you've obtained the Crest of Gaia
  • Access to Forgotten Gaian, and Owlking
  • Direct Access to 3 Bosses


Central Sanctuary




  1. Defeat Forgotten Gaian 


Key Components of Level

  • The Firelink Shrine of this game
  • Access to many NPCs
  • Access to many different areas
  • Single Boss


Obsidian Vale




  1. Defeat the Soul of the Phoenix
  2. Defeat Kaern


Key Components of Level

  • Introduction to a lot of new enemies
  • Rescue NPCs Nymeria and Grimguard
  • Obtain Amarog Key - Access to more loot and areas
  • 2 Bosses






  1. Defeat The Bulwark of Aldwynn
  2. Defeat Origa


Key Components of Level


Darkness Falls




  1. Defeat Dark Knight


Key Components of Level


Garde Tum




  1. Defeat Bysurge


Key Components of Level

  • Encounter new robot-type enemise
  • Use of map-activating panels to help you navigate around the area
  • Introduction of Soul Canisters to refill energy
  • Polarity Run (For more info, read "Polarity Run" here)
  • Single Boss



Key Components of Level

  • Encounter new enemies
  • Obtain Ivory Key - Access to Tomes and Equipment
  • Single Boss 


Amulvaro's Observatory




  1. Defeat Amulvaro


Key Components of Level

  • Vrael reminds you of your common goal
  • Tough enemies
  • Lasers that confine you in a space with an enemy and force you to defeat them before proceeding
  • Gauntlet (For more info, read "The Gauntlet" here)
  • Single Boss






  1. Defeat Thalamus


Key Components of Level

  • Following an inescapable death at the hands of Endless, you reach the first and only underwater level of the game
  • Single Boss
    • Boss is atypical
    • Surviving everything he throws at you rather than attack him


Caer Siorai, the Immortal Citadel




  1. Defeat The Soul of the Pheonix
  2. Defeat Endless


Key Components of Level

  • Final level of the game
  • Valuable loot
  • Very Lore driven
  • 2 Bosses
  • Big Spoilers



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