Stats refers to character parameters in Death's Gambit. Each class begins the game with specific stat allocation, and can increase them by spending Shards to level up. Equipment such as Weapons and Armor can have stat requirements for utilization, and may also grant bonuses to individual parameters.


Stats in Death's gambit


The player status screen keeps track of your Level and shards as well as your values in the following categories:

Base Power



Strength Damage

Finesse Damage


Magic Damage

Stamina Regeneration & Cooldown Reduction






    • Anonymous

      27 Oct 2018 07:24  

      What does the parenthesis mean around a stat? ive added 8 to my STR stat, and its not adding STR to my total. whats the point of item boosts if they dont boost?

      • Anonymous

        24 Aug 2018 16:56  

        I feel that vitality also gives a damage reduction effect, its noticeable after 10 points but the value might be hidden, tessted with the dark knight hes spining attack was hurting for 180 and later i raised vitality to check and he was hiting for 130

        • Anonymous

          22 Aug 2018 04:16  

          During your first playthrough, your level has a max cap of 150. Once you reach NG+, this lifts. I'm unsure if there is a new max level cap for NG+ or not.

          • Anonymous

            17 Aug 2018 17:04  

            Okay after doing a no contract run (0 Fear at the end) and a contract one (24 fear) there are some noteworthy differences: - Slight mentions of your mortality in NPC dialogues (a few jabs but nothing major) - Your character does not suffer from visual and auditory hallucinations with low fear (unaware of Thalamus' influence) - You do not enter the corpse city Ylnoth when mortal - NPC's involved in the main quest have an alternate ending when mortal - If you're mortal and make it to final fight you only need to fight one phase and there's a different after credits sequence - Your Fear stat carries over NG+ cycles - If you cancelled your contract you DO NOT get a new one when you start a NG+ cycle Thanks to the person who told me about the death's contract cancellation. I love how much the fear mechanic works with the story and actually effects Sorun to an extent like all the immortals.

            • Anonymous

              16 Aug 2018 02:34  

              I am unsure of what the fear stat does, but I do know that it increases every time you get hit by magic from the eldritch entities (so any cthulhu looking enemies)

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