New Player Help for Death's Gambit provides accessible information for beginners. First-time players will want to become acquainted with game mechanics, available equipment and progression suggestions to avoid struggling.


Death's Gambit Newbie Guide


Start With These Pages

  • Controls has details on how to do basic inputs
  • Classes explains the basics of each available class
  • Stats explains how your parameters increase when you level up and what each affects
  • Talents and Abilities give information on the special weapon skills and passives you unlock
  • Builds will give you suggestions from other players on how to grow your character
  • Combat explains the basics of combat and how mechanics such as Blocking or Dodging work.





  • The game features many Enemies that you may want to look up
  • NPCs give certain Quests that you can complete
  • A full list of items is provided on the Items page.
  • The Lore page explains the game's story and associated lore.


Mythical Energy Source

In Death's Gambit, characters can perform general basic maneuvers and attacks, as well as their class-specific Abilities. These abilities can be cast whenever they are out of cooldown, and consume a set amount of Soul Energy per cast, much like the "Mana "mechanism featured in many other games. However, unlike Mana, Soul-Energy is not automatically replenished, but instead earned by successfully performing a specific Combat maneuver depending on the protagonist's chosen class. Refer to the below classes information to learn each class' unique method of earning Soul Energy.


Maximum Stylistic Freedom

Death's Gambit features a total of 7 different Classes, each with excelling at their unique Combat capabilities. These 7 Classes and their areas of specialties are:

  • Soldier: Soldiers are solid, well-rounded fighters in the game. Toughened by their military training, Soldiers gain Soul Energy by blocking Enemy attacks at the right time.
  • Assassin: Assassins excel in speed and agility, capable of evading attacks and countering with devastating melee damage. Dodging incoming attacks grant them Soul Energy.
  • Blood Knight: A Berserker class bestowed with unparalleled brute force, allowing them to strike down foes with relentless aggression. Blood Knights are rewarded with restored health when they retaliate incoming attacks.
  • Wizard: A ranged-caster class that utilizes tact and distance to out play reckless foes. Wizards are granted Soul Energy in conjunction with restored HP when consuming a Phoenix Feather.
  • Noble:A loyal guardian of the royal lords, the Noble is unique as he/she has exclusive access to the Royal Agent merchant. Using Items purchased from this agent will provide the Noble with Soul Energy.
  • Sentinel: The Sentinel is a master at armed combat, allowing him to wield all available Weapons, requiring only half the Stats. Soul Energy is obtained by parrying incoming attacks.
  • Acolyte of Death: A necromancer with a spiritual connection to death itself, the Acolyte of Death is well-versed in the dark arts. Slaying enemies in battle brings the Acolyte momentarily close to death, granting him Soul Energy.

In addition to these seven classes, the long awaited Afterlife Expansion now allows each character to trait in two Talent Trees from different Classes, allowing for players to build a Hybrid Classed character.


Natural Prodigy

Apart from unique Soul Energy replenishment and Abilities, each class is also allocated with varying sets of Stats. Although originally assigned with strengths and weaknesses across different attributes, the difference with Stats with that players can earn Shards slot them into whichever attribute they wish to increase it. Varying Weapons and Armor also require different Stats to be worn and wielded.


Reinforced Talent

Starting from the release of the Afterlife Expansion, there will be four total available talent trees - General Talents, Primary Class Talents, Secondary Class Talents, and Advanced Talents. While General and Advanced Talents are the same across all classes, Primary and Secondary Class Talents are specific to the Classes the player has chosen to uptake. This also means that the Afterlife Expansion will also now allow for players to specialize in 2 Classes in the game, allowing for the creation of synergizing hybrid Builds.


Self-Piloted Exploration

The adventure in Death's Gambit is, unlike many other games, non-linear. This effectively means that players do not have to complete levels in consecutive order, and can progress however they want, as well as discover different side stories at any point in the game. This will allow the protagonist to unlock certain special abilities and unique items somewhat randomly, making the Death's Gambit experience unique for every time for every individual.

Moreover, with the most recent Afterlife Expansion, a multitude of new levels and 4 new Bosses has been added to the game, along with a series of alternate endings. Depending on how the player decides to explore this brand new content, the ending of the story will be different each time.


Hidden Secrets

Death's Gambit is renowned for its unique exploration experience, featuring numerous secrets throughout the adventure. Therefore, players are encouraged to test out all possibilities of the game by first making a save, then performing an action, and if they wish to revert the result of said action, close the game and reload from the recent save point. For example, many NPCs sell and trade wares, but may be killed for special loots. To find out what loot they will drop, you may first save the game, slay the NPC, then simply force quit the game via your computer's task manager to reboot and undo the kill if you do not want the Item.


Augmented Abilities

Although all expended Abilities require to reload via cooldowns, this game is generally rewarding for players who like to cast them often, as interrupted Abilities will not be put on cooldown, and various Talents will bolster the character with unique buffs when an ability is cast right when it is reloaded.


A Renewed Combat Experience

Following the Afterlife Expansion, seemingly basic Combat mechanics in Death's Gambit has been modified with various intricate details. For example, during each attack's cast time, players may change the direction of these attacks mid cast to ensure that it lands on the targeted Enemy. Further more, if said ability is interrupted mid-cast, the ability will not be placed on cooldown, allowing an immediate re-cast. Finally, combat is modified by the addition of new Talent Trees, with many details worth exploring when assembling Builds, such as gaining a momentary invulnerability when performing a double jump. Finally, previously class-specific maneuvers such as the Air-Dash and Crash-Dash are now attainable by everyone through defeating specific Bosses.


Finesse vs. Strength?

Since Weapons in this game are not bound to Classes, this means that a player can wield any weapon he/she wishes regardless of the class chosen. However, all weapons require the player to first reach a certain threshold at a specific Stat, and the two most common prerequisite stats are Finesse and Strength. Due to this, weapons can be very vaguely  broken down into two groups - Finesse-based and Strength based. As such, depending on which the player's preferences and the synergy each weapon has with the chosen class, players shall focus slotting their shards into either one of these two stats.


Stamina is Also Key

Featuring a realistic armed battle experience, one of the most easily overlooked Stats in this game is Stamina and Haste. While stamina is the energy that all actions, including maneuvers will consume, haste is the rate of which your stamina will regenerate. Whenever you find yourself with some surplus Shards, make sure to slot some into stamina and haste.


Fight Above Your Weight

Powerful Bosses whom you have defeated on your conquest can be revisited and fought at an exponentially harder mode. Known as the Heroic Mode, this becomes available right after the featured Boss is defeated. Should you accept and overcome this challenge, you will be rewarded with newfound strength and abilities from the boss. Furthermore, once you have completed the entire Death's Gambit, you will be granted access to the New Game+ mode, where you may revisit your challenges at 3 different levels.


Volatile Market

Make sure to interact with every NPC you come across, as many of them can sell you Items or bestow you with special Skills. Some NPCs play the role of a Merchant in the game, and certain merchants randomly add purchasable goods to their store. Since there are no signs to tell these merchants apart and they will not proactively identify themselves, the only way to really find out is by interacting with them whenever possible.


Overcome the Fear of Ghosts

One of the most intimidating and irritating foes for beginners are the Ghosts that commonly roam various areas of Death's Gambit. Persistent and invulnerable to all forms of damage, these minions can become a major hindrance if left undealt with, especially in numbers. Here's a little secret - the commonly dropped Sunstone, which can also be bought from Jacob's cart at the Sanctuary, does not only function as temporary light in dark places - they are also Ghost Kryptonite. Next time you encounter these bothersome spirits, toss one at them to shoo them off.


Magical Plumes

Plumes, or otherwise known as Feathers, are magical consumable Items in the game that can be acquired form drops and purchases. Being the main consumable means of healing in the game, each type of plume not only restores a different amount of health, but some even come with additional buffs such as damage reduction and bolster strength. 


Don't be a Hoarder

Along this perilous yet invigorating adventure, players will inevitably collect numerous magical Items. All of them bare their unique purposes, and many provide invaluable utilities, allowing the protagonist to cross dangerous terrains, defeat Enemies, and gather information. For example, The AOE damage from Crystal Bombs are ideal against dealing with multiple enemies, and Abyssal Eyes will scan unexplored areas for dangers and secrets. Make the most out of these Items, and do not encumber yourself.


Take the Road Less Taken

Secrets are literally scattered everywhere in the Death's Gambit realm. Every dark corner maybe an unopened valuable chest, and a seemingly dead end may in fact be an opening to an invisible tunnel. Although enemies may also lurk in these obscure corners, the rewards are usually well worth the risk and effort.

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