New Player Help for Death's Gambit provides accessible information for beginners. First-time players will want to become acquainted with game mechanics, available equipment and progression suggestions to avoid struggling.


Death's Gambit Newbie Guide


Start With These Pages

  • Controls has details on how to do basic inputs
  • Classes explains the basics of each available class
  • Stats explains how your parameters increase when you level up and what each affects
  • Talents and Abilities give information on the special weapon skills and passives you unlock
  • Builds will give you suggestions from other players on how to grow your character
  • Combat explains the basics of combat and how mechanics such as Blocking or Dodging work.





  • The game features many Enemies that you may want to look up
  • NPCs give certain Quests that you can complete
  • A full list of items is provided on the Items page.
  • The Lore page explains the game's story and associated lore.


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