Soul of the Phoenix

Health 1550
Heroic Health 10000
Shards 2500

The Soul of the Phoenix is one of the Bosses in Death's Gambit. Bosses are located throughout the game and award special loot upon completion as well as a significant amount of Shards.



The Phoenix was once a creature of legend, lost between storybook pages. Its avatar is a false god, a deception veiled by fire. Their two hearts beat separately, the Phoenix acting as a host while sustaining the parasite with its infinite energy.







Drop Table

Item Chance Normal/Heroic
Drake knight boots +5 33% Heroic
Void Boots +5 33% Heroic
Consumed Knight's Boots +5 33% Heroic
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??




  • This boss likes to use wide sweeping attacks, so the safest bet is to have your shield up at all times she is attacking. That or quickly change sides of her.
  • She has very low health when you first encounter her, so max DPS on your feathers is a safe bet. She also has a destroyed Death Statue outside her boss room when your first meet her that can be repaired if you are an Acolyte.
  • One of her attacks is a spinning flame tornado that attempts to suck you in. By just backing away you can fight the flow, which is also a perfect opportunity for some ranged attacks. During her second phase, she starts shooting out fireballs as well, but only the horizontal one is a threat. Either block or jump. The fireballs are shot in counter-clockwise so it is easier to jump dodge the horizontal fireball when you are on the left side.
  • She has an attack where she throws her weapons like a boomerang, making sure they also return towards you. Either block or roll the first attack and get to her other side or block or roll the return strike.

Her Heroic Variant is very similar, with 3 key differences

  • The Heroic version is not available in the boss arena. You will fight it towards the end of the story instead. (In the Immortal Citadel, as stated in Locations)


  • 1. The Phoenix will occasionally fly across the battlefield, spewing fire or dropping an exploding projectile fireball. Simply stick to the side of the stage when it zooms out. However the Phoenix will also drop feathers for consumption, so health isn't as much a problem.
    • Soul of the Phoenix can also pick up the feathers and regain her health, so make sure you grab them first.
  • 2. Her attacks from the second phase are now a permanent addition to the first phase.
  • 3. She summons a clone of herself from the flames to attack you with melee strikes. While it might seem intimidating, it has relatively low HP, so dispatch it quickly.



Notes & Tips

  • Ranged weapons are her Bane. Especially the Cosmic Bow from the Observatory.
  • ??



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    • Anonymous

      18 Jun 2020 18:49  

      After about my 4th death in her sanctuary encounter she no longer spawned. And she doesn't anymore. Is this normal? Is it okay for me to keep progressing or will it screw things up?

      • Anonymous

        21 May 2020 02:53  

        Heroic Tips : Heroic Clone can't be parried on any attack she does, so it's best to roll through attacks and wait with fast skills to interrupt her attacks. Leap Attack from Boss Phoenix can be parried quite easily, so on higher NG+ it's best to aim for punishing those attacks.

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