Health 27600
Heroic Health 160000
Shards 2000 shards

Bysurge is one of the Bosses in Death's Gambit. Bosses are located throughout the game and award special rewards upon completion as well as drop significant amounts Shards.

Bysurge rewards the player with 2000 shards and a talent point upon beating him.



As rumors of an apocalypse began surfacing. Bysurge devised a plan that schismed Garde Tum's unity, but promised immortality." - Tome on Bysurge No1

"Whether they opposed him or not, their voices now sing in unision within his mind, his body fueled by the combined conciousness' of Garde Tum" - Tome on Bysurge No2



Bysurge Location





Bysurge Drop Table

Item Chance Normal/Heroic
Ascended's Cape +8 ??% Heroic
Void Shroud (+8) ??% Heroic
Cloak of Darkness (+8) ??% Heroic
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??



Bysurge Strategy

  • "Bysurge is among the most difficult bosses in the game until you can figure out how to get around some of his more annoying moves. Just like the area leading up to the boss, he is affected by polarity. He’ll have Positive (blue) and Negative (red) phases, each of which features slightly different attacks. Bysurge will also change polarity like clockwork every 40 seconds – you can see how this is progressing via the countdown below his health bar. The standard polarity rules from Tum Garde apply here too - if you are the same color as Bysurge, your attacks will only do roughly 50% of their normal damage, but if your polarity is opposite, you’ll dish out normal damage levels.

    Although he changes polarities often, Bysurge will use many of the attacks in both phases. These include the bite, swipe, split, slam and energy explosion abilities. Of these, the melee attacks can be quite easily avoided as Bysurge is not particularly quick, or subtle, about the attacks he is going to use. Block/dodge these and then counter with some attacks of your own.

    Of his attacks, the most damaging is the energy explosion in which Bysurge generates electrical orbs in both hands and forces them together, creating a large shockwave emanating from the boss. When you see this coming either try to outdistance it or stick up your shield in the direction of the boss to block it.

    When Bysurge is in the Positve Polarity (blue) phases, he’ll have a couple of unique attacks. Immediately after switching to positive polarity, the boss will shoot out a series of electrical projectiles that travel along the ground at high speed. You’ll want to back away from Bysurge’s position at this point and shoot arrows at him whilst you jump over the electrical projectiles. The other thing he’ll do is summon some electrical orbs which will trigger a large number of lasers to appear across the screen. These will appear in an inactive form but after a short time, these will become active and damage you if you run into them, so move away from them to a safe location when they appear before resuming your attack when it is safe to do so.

    Whilst Bysurge is in the Negative Polarity (red) phase, the main attack that Bysurge uses is the energy drain. During this attack, Bysurge channels a red laser at you which drains your health (unless you block) and transitions it to the broken-down enemies in the background. If you stay still and the boss drains enough of your energy close to one of these enemies, they will be activated and attack you. To avoid this, move slowly away from or towards the boss with your shield up so that you never quite allow the yellow charging bars on the enemies in the background to fill. Initially, you’ll have to deal with some of the weaker sentry bots, but as the fight progresses, increasingly difficult enemies will be appearing in the background including Zombies and then Assassins. Try to defeat the boss before these guys appear because accidentally bringing them to life whilst fighting the boss is the opposite of a good time.

    To defeat the boss, counter his melee attacks, avoid the energy explosion and learn the unique positive/negative polarity attacks that he uses so that you know how to avoid taking damage. Keep chipping away at his health until he falls.

    For defeating Bysurge the Lightning Lurker, you’ll receive 2,000 Shards and a Talent Point." - 



Bysurge Notes & Tips

  • Bysurge is the combined hivemind of Garde Tum's inhabitants.
  • Bysurge has the appearance of a lizard, however, the cyborgs encountered in Garde Tum look like humans. It is unknown if Bysurge was a native to Garde Tum or if he came from Awdwynn or some other place in Siradon.
  • Bysurge has the ability to suck up the energy of nearby machines and electronics.
  • It is possible to kill Bysurge before reaching the boss fight which will reward the player with an immortalite stone. However, this does not cancel the boss fight.



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