Bysurge the Lightning Lurker

Health 27600
Heroic Health 160000
Shards 2000 shards

Bysurge the Lightning Lurker is one of the Bosses in Death's Gambit. Bosses are located throughout the game and award special loot upon completion as well as drop significant Shards.



 Bysurge is the combined consciounesses of the civilization of Garde Tum. In their desperate search for immortality they hastily agreed to his ideas, creating the monstous energy hungry being. Looking like an armor covered lizard, he wields electricity and changes his polarity at will during the fight. 



Bysurge the Lightning Lurker Location





Bysurge the Lightning Lurker Drop Table

Item Chance Normal/Heroic
Void Shroud +8 ??% Heroic
Cloak Of Darkness +8 ??% Heroic
Acended's Cape +8 ??% Heroic
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??
?? ??% ??



Bysurge the Lightning Lurker Strategy

  • As you approach the boss elevator you are given a choice between choosing positive or negative charge. Bysurge can switch between both on a 60-second timer, with a different phase for each. Picking the same charge as the phase you get hit the most means less damage! The opposite is true for when you find the most time to land your attacks. So although it seems arbitrary, picking the right charge for you can make the difference in this lengthy battle.
  • Throughout the battle, a conveyor belt of inactive robots will be in the background. One of Bysurge's moves has him drain energy from you with a red beam. While undodgeable, it can be easily blocked to take no damage with minimal stamina drain. The secondary effect, however, is that the pulses of energy you emit will start reactivating the bots in the background, adding another headache to the battle. In your first encounter with Bysurge, activating these bots should be avoided at all costs. The easiest way is to slowly head across the room while blocking, dispersing the bursts equally. (In Heroic, however, activating certain platforms with these surges is absolutely necessary.)
  • DO NOT TAKE TOO LONG. Bysurge is one of the several DPS checking bosses in the game. If the battle drags on, the conveyor belt will fill with the red-bladed cyborgs, who can kill you in only a few hits. So either kill Bysurge at a decent pace or be ready to handle several of them in your boss fight.



Bysurge the Lightning Lurker Notes & Tips

  • A good way to know if you are ready for Bysurge is if you can successfully kill Cusith. Defeating this Gaian is a good way of knowing you are strong enough.
  • The skill Arm of Steel is very handy, as your stamina regen while blocking will just about guarantee no stamina loss during his energy drain attacks.
  • Jumping attacks, while less damaging, tend to avoid some of his attacks more often than not.
  • Weak to Fire, or maybe magic, using Theurgist Aura you can deal extra damage to him.



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