Armor refers to special protective equipment in Death's Gambit: Afterlife. Armor is used to mitigate damage, increasing resistances to elemental damages and status effects. There are three categories of armor slots available: Helmets, Capes and Boots. Some special armors grand bonuses to stats. Armor can be upgraded +1 to +10 through the use of Soul Stones and an Immortalite Stone. This page covers a list of all the featured armor in Death's Gambit: Afterlife.

Upgrading Armor

In Deatrh's Gambit: Afterlife, once you've rescued Zuma, the Acolyte of Death (this can be done early in the game), speak to him back at the Central Sanctuary and he'll teach you how to upgrade your equipment. From there, if you've also defeated the Soul of the Phoenix boss, you'll also gain access to upgrade your wares when you are resting at a Death Idol. Armor pieces can be upgraded +1 to +10 through the use of Soul StonesImmortalite and Dark Matter. To view your current inventory, press I.

Scrapping Armor

With the same concept, once you've rescued Zuma, the Acolyte of Death, you can also scrap unwanted or duplicate shields in exchange for Soul Stones, Armor Scraps and Meteorite Scraps. Scrapping can also be done from a Death Idol or speaking to Zuma.


Death's Gambit All Armor


Comparison Table


Quick Search of All Armor

Name Type Stat Effects/Bonuses

Barbaric Helm

Helm VIT +4, STR +4


Helm STR +4, FIN +4, Blinds when you equip.

Celestial Helm

Helm STR+14, VIT +7

Comfortable Helm

Helm ???

Consumed Knight's Helm

Helm VIT +4, FIN +10

Drake Knight Helm

Helm VIT +4, STR +10

Droid Cranium

Helm VIT +11

Ethereal Hood

Helm FIN+14, VIT +7

Executioner's Hood

Helm FIN+12, VIT +6

Grand Sage Helm

Helm INT +14, VIT +7

Magister's Hood


INT +6, HST +3

Priest Hood

Helm VIT +1, INT +7. Increases lightning spell damage by 15.

Prophet Visage

Helm INT+12, VIT +6

Reinforced Helm

Helm VIT +1

Thieve's Hood

Helm ???

Vados Helm

Helm VIT +5

Void Hood

Helm VIT +4, INT +10

Wrath Helm

Helm STR+12, VIT +6

Gilded Helm

Helm STR +1, INT +1

Occult Helm


STR +10, FIN +10. You lose 10 health/sec when below 75% health.

Shade Knight's Helm

Helm VIT +3, STR +6

Aldwynn Cape

Cape VIT +3, STR +4

Ascended's Cape

Cape VIT +4, STR +10

Bloodstained Cape

Cape VIT +2, FIN +4

Celestial Cape

Cape STR+14, VIT +7

Cloak of Darkness

Cape VIT +4, FIN +10

Conscript's Cape

Cape No bonuses or effects.

Energy Cloak

Cape VIT +3, FIN +6

Ethereal Cape

Cape FIN+14, VIT +7

Executioner's Cape

Cape VIT +6, FIN +12

Grand Sage Cape

Cape INT +14, VIT +7

Magister's Cape

Cape VIT +3, INT +6

Prophet's Cape

Cape VIT +6, INT +12

Specter's Cloak

Cape VIT +3, STR +6

Void Cape

Cape ???

Cape of Wrath

Cape VIT +6, STR +12

Zealot's Cape

Cape VIT +4

Barbaric Boots

Boots VIT +3, STR +5. Greatsword combo finishers deal 40 more damage.

Black Boots

Boots ???

Blade Boots of Mayaguez

Boots VIT +10. Slide dash deals 5 times more damage.

Celestial Boots

Boots STR+14, VIT +7

Consumed Knight's Boots

Boots VIT +4, FIN +10

Cultist Greaves

Boots VIT +3, STR +6

Dark Leather Boots

Boots VIT +2, FIN +6

Dragon Knight Greaves

Boots VIT +4, STR +10

Ethereal Boots

Boots FIN+14, VIT +7

Executioner's Boots

Boots VIT +4, FIN +12

Grand Sage Shoes

Boots INT +14, VIT +7

Light Greaves

Boots STR +2, FIN +2

Magister's Shoes

Boots VIT +3, INT +6

Mythril Greaves

Boots VIT +20. Run slower when below max stamina. If above 20 haste, grants hyper-armor once every 30 seconds.

Padded Greaves

Boots VIT +4

Priest Slippers

Boots VIT +1, INT +7. Increases lightning spell damage by 15.

Prophet's Boots

Boots VIT +6, INT +12

Void Boots

Boots VIT +4, INT + 10‌

Boots of Wrath

Boots VIT +6, STR +12

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