Galaxy Mage Amulvaro

Health 13500
Heroic Health 44000
Shards 2100 shards

Galaxy Mage Amulvaro is one of the Bosses in Death's Gambit. Bosses are located throughout the game and award special loot upon completion as well as drop significant Shards.



The Cosmic Astrologist and one of the five sorcerers who exist, Amulvaro faces you with the power of the cosmos.



Galaxy Mage Amulvaro Location




Galaxy Mage Amulvaro Drop Table

Item Chance Normal/Heroic
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Galaxy Mage Amulvaro Strategy

  • Amulvaro is not only a tough boss but also one that is heavy on your computer's graphics hardware. While the slower fight can be nice if you are having trouble with the speed lower your resolution. The slower battle is easier to navigate, however. 
  • A 3 phase boss with a lot of HP, ever increasing attacks, and multiple platforms of height, Amulvaro will test your ability to swap tactics to meet the situation. The arena has multiple platforms to jump and fall between while fighting.
  • Reality Bend: Recognized by his words "Reality bends to my will!" Amulvaro summons two blades, one of white and one of black, and attacks the player. He will slash 4 times for phase 1, 6 times for phases 2 and 3, all while swapping sides of the player. Instead of dodging, move as little as possible and instead time your blocks in time with his strikes, remaining calm and swapping sides when he does. (Speaking from experience with only beginner's shield.) The attacks are highly telegraphed so you can just stand still and use back step in any direction each times he attacks for less stamina consumption.
  • Cosmos Command: "The cosmos are under my command!" These words signal his next attack, a massive greatsword sweep that fires 3 energy slashes. It even has a nasty backswing to catch any rollers. The safest strategy is just to block the hit and suffer a broken guard, instead of risking getting hit by this high damage attack. However, it should be possible to roll through the attack with good timing. IF YOU ARE BEHIND AMULVARO WHEN HE SWINGS, BLOCK TOWARDS HIS FRONT. The hitbox from this attack is more of a surge outwards then a blade is, so always block towards his front. Alternatively, jump and dash toward him then land on the higher level will allows you avoid the attack completely
  • "My Domain!" This phase has Amulvaro conjure for several seconds before unleashing an AOE burst. Either back a good distance away and ready yourself or believe in your DPS and attempt to stun him out of it (although it is recommended that you let him continue this attack). After the burst, he summons 4 blue orbs on timers. They are destroyed in one hit, so use your arrows or wide range attacks. HOWEVER, leave at least one standing, preferably near the middle of the arena. Once the orbs explode they create long blue trails of stardust that will not disperse and will deal damage when touched but leave an open spot where the orb was. 
  • Red orb and Blue orb:  Leaving red and blue star dust trails when timer runs out. The Red trail last several seconds but deals extremely high damage. The Blue trail last much longer but deals less damage. There are 2 small white orbs circle around each to indicate where the star dust trails will be when the timer runs out. Attacking the orbs but not break it will stop the small white orbs rotation (use it on your favor).
  • White orb: Last very long time if not destroyed. Creates 3 smaller white orbs circles counter clockwise which explode and deal damage on impact.
  • Black/Dark orb: leaves a green star dust smoke after destroyed, provides 100% damage increase for 30 second after contact.
  • Green orb (heroic): Very tanky. Creates a portal that summons Astral Jellyfish flies toward player character which is also extremely tanky. Astral Jellyfish explode on contact and deals heavy damage (1000) which usually causes instant death.
  • Heroic battle: First phase: Summon all 5 orb types. Second phase: 1 Red orb, 3 Green orbs. Third phase: 1 Red orb, 3 White orbs. 
  • Extinction Beam: Amulvaro disappears to a side of the screen and the background goes dark. He will then fire a red beam and slowly move it across the entire screen on a rotation. This beam hits almost every frame and does 300 damage, meaning getting hit can be a near one-shot. The only way to avoid the attack is by rolling through with precise timing, or the stardust from the orbs. This stardust can block the laser, leaving you 100% safe from the beam if it is in the right place. However, for the second and third phase more lasers are added meaning better timing or more stardust is needed. Again, getting hit even once can end the fight instantly.
  • Lunar Rush: Amulvaro disappears into a portal, before charging the player from the side of the screen the portal was on. He will then charge again from the opposite side. Avoiding this attack is as simple as jumping one layer higher, blocking, or rolling with good timing. You can even hit him with an air attack each time he charges. 2nd and 3rd phase he will rush 4 total times, each time from the opposite side of the screen.
  • Extinction Cross: This occurs each phase change. Amulvaro takes you to a smaller 3 platform arena and fires two beams perpendicular and diagonally across the middle of the arena. These beams are MUCH weaker than the others but still dangerous. You usually spawn on the left of the cross. When this happens in phase 2, it rotates clockwise, try to position yourself under the center of the cross and dodge to the right when the beam pass you. In phase 3, the beams will swap rotation at a moment's notice, so be ready to reverse yourself. This time try to run to the right most where the shorter beam is (on top of the boss illusion) and keep moving up and down the platform follow the rotation. The long beams won't reach you there. When the boss reaches 2nd or third phase, he will use this attack.
  • Meteor: Amulvaro's final attack that occurs after the Extinction Cross. Red circles will appear on the screen, shortly afterward swarms of meteors will detonate at each circle. They will explode outward into 12 or 14 meteors each. (Can't remember.) Amulvaro is vulnerable this entire time, but halfway through will launch into his next attack so be prepared. Can either use bow to shoot the center orb and explode small fragments or good timing attack (easiest with dagger) to destroy the meteor right when it explode.
  • In Heroic battle, the boss starts the fight with this Meteor move. First phase: Meteors explode on impact and leave Blue orb in the center. Second and third phase: Meteors explode on impact and leave White orb in the center   
  • By remaining patient, alert, and having a proper shield and enough heals, Amulvaro can be beaten. If your DPS is high you can damage him enough to never see the Extinction Beam attack at all.



Galaxy Mage Amulvaro Notes & Tips

  • Behind him in the room you talk to him is an Immortalite Stone.
  • Damage-over-time attacks are extremely useful against this boss since he likes to teleport around and off the map where you cannot attack. Your DOT will still continue to damage him during that time.
  • He's one of the hardest boss in heroic but all of his move can be telegraphed very clearly. Practice yourself to know where to stand and when to dodge/block and you will be fine. The hardest part in the heroic battle is the Jellyfishes, they are extremely tanky with deadly damage and will continue chasing you as long as they are not destroyed. Try to break the Green Orbs as soon as you see it with all of your skills to stop them from spawning. Or make use of the star dust trail from Red and Blue Orb to dispose them quickly. Otherwise, you will have about 20 seconds to deal with them before the boss re-appears then you also have to deal with the boss as well
  • There is a glitch to drop out of the room when the boss does the Extinction Cross. When he starts to use it, position yourself under the center 2 or 3 level. Then run to the right to reach the hidden wall then jump dash to higher level several times, you will be able to dash through the hidden wall and fall off the room which allows you to avoid the cross completely. However, after finishing casting the attack, you will be centered back to the room again where he starts to cast Meteor.
  • [Heroic] The guarantee drop of this boss is the +9 version of the weapon your are currently equipping in your weapon slot 1. If you want to upgrade any weapon to +9, put in your weapon slot 1 before the boss dies. Since the boss is very hard, it may be tricky to do.


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    • Anonymous

      23 Aug 2018 10:14  

      Much like Cusith, beating this guy on Heroic will drop a +9 version of whatever weapon you have in slot 1, effectively allowing you to fight him with your strongest weapon in slot 2 and whatever weapon you want to upgrade for "free" in the first slot. Very useful, but a *****ing ***** to fight. Stacking fire+bleed helps a bit during the times he disappears and summons other things.

      • Anonymous

        20 Aug 2018 16:33  

        Am I using all my feathers to increase my damage totaling 190% and a good idea to go to him without any cure?

        • 19 Aug 2018 10:40  

          If you use the orbiting energy weapon while you are waiting for him to port back into the fight you can rack up alot of damage when he spawns and get his by the projectiles. this also works to break his meteors, and orbs

          • Anonymous

            19 Aug 2018 10:34  

            While fighting this boss, my damage seems to drop until it's like I have no levels at all. Once I restart the game it fixes its self. I'm not sure if this is a bug or part of the fight.

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