Crafting in Death's Gambit Afterlife refers to the core in-game mechanic that features various unique Equipment that can be assembled with a set amount of specific Items. The process first begins when the Protagonist speaks to Alistair, where the short list of craftable equipment and their required materials can be viewed via the "Craft" tab. Once the protagonist acquires said specified loots from progressing through the game, he may revisit Alistair at the Central Sanctuary to craft the desired item. Since crafted items require extra effort and planning to obtain, they often grant the unique utilities and augmentations.  This page serves to include the full list of craftable equipment in Death's Gambit, their required items, said items' acquisition, respective Stats, and other relevant data.


Death's Gambit Craftable Equipment


Name Special Effects Materials

Dark Empowerment Sigil


Throwing Dagger


Immortalite Blade

A crystaline mass of immortalite forged into a weapon. The fusing process has left them blue and slightly unstable, as shards of its splinter off, blooming on the ground. This weapon deals 10% more base damage than a regular longsword. The effect is removed for 28 secomds if you take damage.

Fang of Gaia


Will of the Gaians

An immense sword, carved with designs reminiscent of the Gaian's stonework. The Gaian's origin is shrouded in mystery, but they all share similarities in their stone fragments. Archaeologists have sought to shed light with aid from the Sandmen, who harvest these giants for parts. Attacking enemies creates motes of life. Crash down consumes 4 motes and reduces damage taken by 30% for 20 seconds.



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    • Anonymous

      So if you kill Alistair, you can't access to the secret boss battle anymore? Isn't it there another "crafter" to avoid locking from endgame content?

      • Anonymous

        There's more recipes to be found
        a recipe is in the vertical shaft on the way to Phoenix Cave (need the warp bomb)
        another is in central sanctuary need the barbarian NPC (need the warp bomb)
        one in the lights puzzle room in migration chamber
        another for completing all the puzzles in Shrouded Island just above Central Sanctuary

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