Health 1750
Heroic Health 5250
Shards 208 shards/ 458 shards

The Owlking is one of the Bosses in Death's Gambit. Bosses are located throughout the game and award special loot upon completion as well as a significant amount of Shards.



The Owl King, royal only in name, has no subjects of its own to speak of. But the hearts of men are just as easily provoked by titles. More slaves than monarchs, these owl beasts appeared in droves, seemingly drawn to Amulvaro's Observatory. Yet the sorcerer neglects them.






Drop Table

Item Chance Normal/Heroic
Immortalite Stone This item only drops the 1st time beating him along with one of the items below.
After that, he'll only drop 1 of the items below.
Thief Helm +4 33% Heroic
Priest Hood +4 33% Heroic
Barbaric Helm +4 33% Heroic
Blade Boots of Mayaguez These are a unique challenge drop, only obtainable by beating the owlking with just kicks. No abilities, secondary or primary weapons. Just kicks. Both




  • Owlking, like most tutorial bosses, is not that difficult. By simply keeping a good distance, your shield up, and paying attention one can figure out which attacks he is the most vulnerable after. One is the long wind-up stab. After said stab he will either do two more slashes or a kick and a second stab, so make sure you recognize which before going in to hit. The other is a rushing cross slash, followed by a large stab. He doesn't turn around once he begins charging his stab after the cross, so that is the perfect time to get some hits in.
  • HEROIC: The most difficult thing about the heroic fight is the portal from above, which leaves a collection of explosive balls. The balls deal a lot of damage. This portal is only used during the second phase. You cant clear the balls with a weapon BUT you can clear them 1 by 1 with a shield. Although this is not recommended. Before 1 drop of explosive balls is cleared he'll have already dropped a new collection of balls. Taking up yet another portion of the field.
    • Avoid the balls at the end as much as possible and fight on the biggest part of the floor that is free. You can jump over 1 complete collection, but you'll have to attack within your jump to get that extra distance.
    • Focus on damaging him with abilities in the end, which you can save up from earlier in the fight. Arrow and bow might also be viable at the end if you deal enough damage with it. 



Notes & Tips

  • THE BLADE BOOTS OF MAYAGUEZ! cough Excuse me. These are a unique drop as stated above, only obtainable if you defeat the Owlking with just the kick attack (Block+secondary weapon). Why would you want these? Probably because they give +10 VIT and 5 times kick damage. Your feet shall never be crossed again!
  • The tome says that the boss is just as the same as the Lesser Owl King enemies found on Amulravo Observatory. Except for the heroic rematch, they share the same move.



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    • Anonymous

      06 Mar 2019 18:43  

      Owlking is an easy fight, when he throws his melee combo either wait or roll behind him to get 2-3 hits and back off, when he does his magic attacks roll behind him to avoid if you are too early his front attacks goes backwards and can be dodge rolled with precise rolling, on heroic his downward magic causes orbs which shorten the arena because they dont go away and are hard to roll through, so forcing him to place them on one side of the arena is advised.

      • Anonymous

        19 Aug 2018 08:05  

        There is no way to clear the lingering orbs from his second phase in his heroic fight other than by walking into them with a shield or walking into them and taking damage. They last for the rest of the fight, so it's a DPS race. Bad game design imo we should be able to clear them with attacks like arrows

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