Afterlife Expansion

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Name Afterlife Expansion
Release Date September 30, 2021.
Genre Action, Role-Playing, Platformer, Adventure
Platform/s PlayStation®4
Mode/s Single-Player
  • Base Game: $19.99 (Free Afterlife Expansion)
  • Afterlife Edition: $19.99
  • Death's Gambit Definitive Edition: $34.99
Developer White Rabbit
Publisher Serenity Forge

Afterlife Expansion for Death's Gambit is a brand new and upcoming game DLC expansion. It is said to be the biggest expansion on any metroidvania. It features all new weapons, reimagined maps and mechanics, and endings for revisiting players to experience in a whole new way. 

"Death's Gambit: Afterlife is the new and expanded edition of the original hardcore 2D RPG action platformer. Master the precise combat, utilizing a wide variety of weapons and abilities to confront the horrors that lurk within Siradon. Explore a mysterious and unforgiving world and uncover the true price of immortality.

Afterlife offers players a wealth of new content to experience on top of the original game, including 10 new levels, over 30 weapons, 5 new bosses, mechanical overhauls, and more. Your choices will affect the epic finale to Sorun’s tale."




Afterlife Expansion Overview

As part of the new Afterlife expansion of the game players will experience a new full scale re-imagining of the original game that refines all existing systems based on community feedback. 

Afterlife is the largest expansion to any metroidvania ever. 

  • 20+ new weapons
  • 8+new areas
  • 90+ new talent points
  • Revamped world with new enemies and routes
  • New map system
  • New endings


 Store Description of Death's Gambit: Afterlife

Siradon has changed, but immortality still runs rampant. Through sacrifice and regret, Sorun finds himself at the start of his journey once again. But this time he wields choice. Greater choice in character customization, weapon variety, talents, and more. Guide his blade, and ultimately decide whether to fulfill his pact with Death, or succumb to the allure of immortality?

Afterlife Expansion Features

Changes to systems and mechanics have been made to the existing Death's Gambit:

  • Class Selection: Players can now test weapons and classes before committing 
  • Input Buffering: Players can now change directions during an action even once the animation has started.
  • Cooldown: If abilities are interrupted without performing the ability, they no longer go on cooldown. 
  • Stats: Endurance and Haste (END/ HST) are capped at 30, but each point increases damage, stamina and cooldown reduction. 
  • Healing: Healing animation is sped up, but heals less.

Quality of Life changes: 

  • Shop: Players can now buy stacks in bulk of a singular item in one go. 
  • Players can now Scap and Disenchant at a save point. 
  • Inventory can now be sorted.
  • Soul Stones can be more easily obtained.

Afterlife Expansion features all additional content released to date, as well as brand new content:

  • 10 new levels expand the world making it one of the largest metroidvania worlds out there.
    Metroidvania upgrades introduce a whole new way to explore and re-explore the world with new areas and secrets to find.
  • 6 new bosses test your mettle.
  • Revamped old levels and gameplay systems
  • Wield 22 new weapons, each with a game play changing effect.
  • Customize your playstyle with over 100 talents, multi-classing, and advanced talents.
  • The expansion continues the story past its current conclusion, with climactic alternate endings.
  • An in-game map now tracks your progress and helps guide players from getting too lost.
  • Multiple new Endings
  • Crafting
  • NG+ changes
  • And much much more!



Death's Gambit: Definitive Edition - $34.99 Pre-order Features

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Listed below are the following assets recieved for ordering the Definitive Edition for $34.99 on Serenity Forge's website.

  • Physical copy of the game on Nintendo Switch
  • Illustrated inner coversheet
  • Vinyl sticker sheet – set of 9 unique stickers
  • Double-sided poster


Death's Gambit New Merchandise

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New merch is also available for pre-order at the Serenity Forge store.

  • A 24x18" double-sided poster, featuring a hand-drawn map of Siradon and new key art
  • A 2LP vinyl record of the Death's Gambit: Afterlife soundtrack, each with a different translucent two-tone
  • "splatter" design + a digital download code
  • Two t-shirts with exclusive, new designs



How do I download the Afterlife Expansion

Afterlife is automatically the chosen version when downloading the game. You can play the classic version on Steam by going to the game's settings then betas, and selecting "originalgame."


Afterlife Expanion New Features


Afterlife Enemies

  • Check back soon!


Afterlife Equipment

  • Check back soon!


Skills & Techniques


Death's Gambit: Afterlife Endings


Return to Vados

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As soon as you start the game after speaking to Vrael for the first time, instead of going right to trigger the first meeting with Death, go left and leave. You'll be given a prompt that asks you if you're sure to leave Siradon and return to Vados. Simply choose yes and you'll find Sorun back in Vados where he is sentenced to death by the king. This is considered a bad ending. You simply return back to the starting point where Sorun was killed during the expedition.


Ending A

ending a deaths gambit afterlife wiki guide


Ending A is the true ending of the game. Players will need to defeat five Heroic Boss battles before you face Endless at the top of Caer Siorai. During our playthrough, we've defeated the heroic battle of bosses such as Ione, Owlking, Soul of the Phoenix, The Bulwark of Aldwynn, and Tundra Lord Kaern. After defeating five of the bosses, head on over to Caer Siorai and fight Endless. Once she is defeated, interact with the Source of Immortality and a cutscene will trigger, which then takes you to the Afterlife location. After the cutscene, you will then need to make a choice, to side with Death or Thalamus. Simply choose to side with Death.

Next, you'll return to Caer Siorai and then fast travel to Garde Tum, head to the far west side of the map, towards the only locked door, and along the way, you'll encounter the AI that you met during your first arrival at Garde Tum. Follow the AI to the locked door which again is at the west side and it'll be unlocked for you, allowing yourself to enter the Chamber of Migration.Work your way through the facility and make sure to explore thoroughly and then defeat the Aberrant AI.

After defeating the boss, Death gives you a Soul Shard, fast travel to Fupris and head east towards the entrance of the underground of Caer Sioria where you first fought Endless. Approach the bodies of Vrael, Ione, and interact with it. Next, head to the boss arena in Caer Siorai where you fought Endless and choose to Soul Dive the body of Everly.

Once you've dealt with soul diving all three of your comrades, you'll be taken to another place where you will need to choose certain options to regain your memory. Here are the answers that follow:

  • My name is Sorun.
  • The Kingdom of Siradon holds the Source of Immortality.
  • Vrael initially didn't believe in me but grew to trust my abilities.
  • Death wants to eradicate immoratlity.
  • Ash was taken from our family by the Magisters of Vados.
  • My mother is Everly.
  • Ione joined Endless as a spy in order to destroy the source of immortality.
  • Thalamus has our souls all trapped in a looping nightmare.
  • Amulvaro warned me of great cosmic forces beyond my control.
  • Ash was arrested for killing his own father.

By choosing these options, Sorun will fully regain his memories and will arrive at the Collapsing Nightmare. Just go east until you reach a Death Idol, make sure to use it to save. Continue going east and by the ledge, you'll see a little girl. Interact with it to save her soul and head all the way down to the bottom of the area while you fight lesser versions of previous Bosses you've fought until you reunite with Vrael, Ione, and Endless. Eventually, you'll reach the end point of the location where you'll be drawn into Thalamus' void. Simply stay alive and interact with the orbs of light to regain your memory The answers are as follows:

  • The first king of Siradon is Sirad.
  • Bulwark gave me the double jump upgrade.
  • My contract with Death is complete once the source is destroyed.
  • Bysurge takes double damage when we are opposite polarities.

The Avatar of Thalamus then appears and you'll need to fight and defeat it in order to progress the story. A cutscene will then trigger once the Avatar of Thalamus' health reaches zero and you'll have to fight the boss for another round, only this time, you'll have help from your comrades. You'll receive the Eye of Thalamus and a +5 version of Nightmare Edge, as well as a Talent Point and 3000 Soul Shards for defeating the boss - approach the weakened Avatar of Thalamus and choose to "Defeat Thalamus".

The game then prompts the New Game + menu where you are given the option to select your difficulty. DO NOT CHOOSE SINCE THIS WILL BAIT YOU INTO A NEW GAME. Wait for a few seconds, and you'll see dialogues from your comrades telling Sorun to wake up. Eventually, Sorun awawkens and you'll be in Vados, the last area of this game. From here, make further preparations before heading outside for a final battle against the Avatar of Thalamus - again, you will receive help from Ione, Vrael, and Everly (Endless).


Ending B

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For ending B, the concept is quite similar Players will need to defeat five Heroic Boss battles before you face Endless at the top of Caer Siorai. During our playthrough, we've defeated the heroic battle of bosses such as IoneOwlkingSoul of the PhoenixThe Bulwark of Aldwynn, and Tundra Lord Kaern. After defeating five of the bosses, head on over to Caer Siorai and fight Endless. Once she is defeated, interact with the Source of Immortality and a cutscene will trigger, which then takes you to the Afterlife location. After the cutscene, you will then need to make a choice, to side with Death or Thalamus. Simply choose Thalamus over Death.

By choosing Thalamus, you will need to fight The Crow which is Death. Defeat the boss and shortly after the dialogue cutscene between Ash and Thalamus, leave the area To the Nexus of Souls to trigger New Game Plus, as well as Ending B.


Ending C

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This is the original ending of the game which also applies in the Afterlife expansion. The conditions are simple, kill all of the immortals, obtain the three sigils, defeat Endless and approach the Source of Immortality. Choose to destroy the source of immortality and a cutscene will follow where you will find all of the beings on Siradon loses their immortality and perishes. At the end of the credits, a familiar voice speaks to you and tells you that you've completed your task of containing the source of immortality, as well as freeing Sorun's mother. However, no one will remember the sacrifice that Sorun's mother has given, as well as not knowing that she has fallen in Caer Sioai - this then follows onto New Game Plus.

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