Combat in Death's Gambit is the main way by which the Protagonist deals with their environment and advance within the game. Players can equip several Weapons and Armor that facilitate combat, and this page provides an overview of game-related mechanics.


Combat in Death's Gambit



Attacks may be performed with an equipped weapon or spell if the player has opted for a Tome. Attacks consume stamina, and different weapons have different range, movesets, attack speed and attack power.


Soul Energy

Players must use Soul Energy to perform Abilities, that are associated with their equipped weapon. Soul energy is gained depending on class, and can be affected by Talents.



Dodging refers to evading damage by moving out of the way of incoming attacks. It is one of the means by which the player may avoid suffering HP loss.



Blocking is the act of repelling an incoming attack with an equipped Shield.



Parrying refers to the act of deflecting an attack, creating an opening in the enemy that can then be exploited.


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