Locations for Death's Gambit refers to named areas within the game. Locations are categorized by the prominent display of the area name on the screen when the player enters. Those looking for information on how to proceed through the game should consult the Game Progress Route, or begin our Walkthrough.

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Death's Gambit Afterlife New Locations




Death's Gambit Locations


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    • Anonymous

      Here is my discoveries of Ashes of Vados DLC so far. Unlocks Halls of Cruelty area with two platforming challenge rooms at the bottom left corner of Journey's End. First room reward is: Book of Ash and Fenix chest with 1 Seed of Knowledge. Second room reward is: Book of Ash, Fenix chest with 5 Seeds of Knowledge and upgrade that decreases Crash Down cooldown by 100%.
      Unlocks Arena of Blood area through Dreamshifting with fighting challenges. Arena of Blood challenge reward is: next challenge unlock, 1 Seed of Knowledge and some immortalite stones, don't remember. Arena of Cruelty challenge reward is: next challenge unlock, Haste Aura+ and some immortalite stones, don't remember. Arena of Annihilation challenge reward is: 2 Dark Matter and Upgrade, that increases all plumes healing by 200.
      Immortal Onslaught challenge is boss rush and reward is: ???
      Vision of the future is related to ending A and telleports you to Vados, where you fight Ash. Normal reward is: 1 talent point, maybe some Immortalite stones or Dark Matter and Wings of the Exiled Aura, that allows you to jump endlessly, each extra jump costs 3 soul energy. All damage dealt increased by 10%. Heroic reward is: ???

      • For those wondering, no one knows what the 10th area they added into the game is. But also i thought the sewers were already an area in the base game, so idk if that should be listed as a new location from afterlife.

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