Abilities in Death's Gambit refers to special actions that the player character may perform. These actions are available depending on the Weapon equipped, and consume Soul Energy. Use these abilities to aid in combat with enemies. This could range from extra defense, attacks, speed and can affect various stats when used. They are used strategically due to the soul energy they consume. In order to gain access these abilities, they must first be obtained and learned. Abilities are obtained by either learning them from Sorun's talent tree, obtained from NPCs, or found in various areas. Below are the listed abilities available in Death's Gambit and in the newly released Afterlife expansion. 


Abilities in Death's Gambit


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Ability Requirement Description


Swift stab that causes enemies to bleed for 16 seconds.


Create a magical barrier that reduces damage taken by 50% for 7 seconds.

soul_feather_deaths_gambit_wikiSoul Trigger

  • n/a
Blood surges damage by 20% for 12 sec.

halberd spr_cycloneCyclone

Spin your halberd around twice, dealing damage per spin to foes around you. Using this ability increases halfberd damage by 15% for 10 seconds.


Dash while thrusting your Halberd. Using this ability increases halberd damage by 15% for 10 seconds.


Your next arrow deals extra damage. If this kills an enemy, you regain 5 arrows. 

piercing_light_deaths_gambit_wikiPiercing Light

Fire an arrow of pure light that pierces all enemies in front of you.

light_of_the_phoenix_deaths_gambit_wikiLight of the Phoenix

Radiate light, illuminating everything around you for 20 seconds

greatsword spr_xslashCross Slash 
(X Slash)

Charge your greatsword and send forth two magical slashes

smoldering_guillotine_deaths_gambit_wikiSmoldering Guillotine

Dash forward and perform fiery slash that sets enemies on fire.

frost_bite_deaths_gambit_wikiFrost Bite

A dagger slash that freezes the first enemy hit for 20 seconds. While frozen, the enemy cannot move or perform any actions. Being hit instantly breaks the frozen state. Does not work on bosses.

dagger spr_assassinateAssassinate

A quick flurry that deals high damage. It cooldown reset when successfully dodging an attack. Triples the damage of your next dagger roll attack.

dagger blink abilityBlink

Throw Dagger horizontally and teleport to the first enemy hit. If any danger ability is on cooldown, then also applies bleed over 16 seconds.

essence_of_fire_deaths_gambit_wikiEssence of Fire

Create a floating fire orb. Attacking with a tome weapon causes all floating elemental orbs to combine to create a unique attack.

essence_of_lightning_deaths_gambit_wikiEssence of Lightning

Create a floating lightning orb. Attacking with a tome weapon causes all floating elemental orbs to combine to create a unique attack.

mage dark spr_novaEssence of Darkness

Create a floating dark orb. Attacking with a tome weapon causes all floating elemental orbs to combine to create a unique attack.

sky_crash_deaths_gambit_wikiSky Crash

Jump to the sky for a few seconds, then crash down dealing high damage to anyone in the landing area. While on cooldown, your halberd finisher deals more damage.

hammer spr_hammerwaveCrushing Tide

Quickly thrust forward. Increases hammer damage by 10% for 15 seconds. Effect stacks 5 times.

hammer spr_hammernovaSeismic Nova

Smash the hammer down creating an explosion. Increases hammer damage by 10% for 15 seconds. Effect stacks 5 times.

serpent's_barrage_deaths_gambit_wikiSerpent's Barrage

A 3 part barrage. Applies bleed on enemies hit.

axe spr_axethrowCleaving Throw

Throw your axe from afar. Applies a bleed effect to enemies hit.


Strike enemies with your scythe. Increaes scythe damage by 20% per enemy hit for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times

unyielding_strike_deaths_gambit_wikiUnyielding Strike

A slow, heavy smash that consumes all of your soul energy. Damage dealt increases as more energy is consumed. Increases energy gained by attacks for the next 10 seconds.

scythe spr_scythe3Death Watch

Deals extremely high damage to all enemies on screen

heroic_lunge_deaths_gambit_wikiHeroic Lunge

Jump into the air and land with a powerful strike. Increases longsword damage by 25% for 8 seconds. If this kills an enemy, cooldown is reset.

storm_caller_deaths_gambit_wikiStorm Caller

Create a massive sword and strike enemies in front of you. Increases longsword damage by 25% for 8 seconds.

winding_hew_deaths_gambit_wikiWinding Hew

Dash forward and deal damage to enemies at the end of the dash. Applies bleed for 16 seconds.

soul_rend_deaths_gambit_wikiSoul Rend

Dash backward and deal damage to enemies at the end of the dash. Applies bleed for 16 seconds.

flame_blitz_deaths_gambit_wikiFlame Blitz

Dash forward and deal damage to enemies at the end of the dash. Enemies hit set on fire 8 seconds.


Shoot 3 arrows instead ofone for 6 seconds.

Spear Rush

Dash with your spear a long distance.


Slash that blinds the enemies hit. While blinded, the enemy can't perform any actions. 

Spell Blade Shadow Copy

?? Create a shadow copy in front of you. It copies your spellblade attacks

Time Warp

?? Resets all ability cooldowns and heals most status ailments

Soul Boost

?? Gain 35 soul energy when used

Bear Trap

?? Throw a bear trap in front of you . Deals damage to enemies who step on it. Has 5 uses that regenerate at death idols. No soul energy cost. 1 second cooldown.

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    • Anonymous

      Dagger abilities need some love. Not only they don't do what they are supposed to (i.e. Triple damage on dagger roll-attack with Assassinate or extra damage on bleeding targets with Frost Bite), but also Blink is the only ability that applies bleed with a condition while all the other bleed abilities do it on hit. AND you can only apply it on a single target as opposed to the other bleed abilities. Also, no poisoning abilities ? Why ?

      • Anonymous

        Reap is pretty freaking good, it does a moderate amount of damage, only has a CD of 5 sec and if you hit an enemy with reap before it's buff of 8 sec runs out, you get another stacked 20% damage buff and the timer on the buff restarts!

        • Anonymous

          Half of the spear abilities mentioned are actually halberd abilities. There are only two spear abilities which are ‘spear rush’ and ‘serpents barrage’

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