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Fink in an NPC in Death's Gambit. Non-Player-Characters are those found within the game that interact with the player by giving advise, quests, items and acting as Merchants.


Fink Location



Items that can be bought from Fink

Obsidian Vale  
Itens Shards
Dragonberry 15
Crystal Bomb 40
Broken Arrow 100
Dead Flower 100
Pebbles 100
Corpse Shield 100
Vados Spear 100
Occult Helm 333


Fink Notes

    • If you interact with Fink and refuse to buy anything he will ask for blood appeasement and attack you. If you instead make sure you buy something each time he will gain better and better items. 
    • Since he appears very early, it is possible that players don't have enough soul to buy one of his items which makes him hostile for the rest of the play through. Simply ignore him the first time then comeback later is highly advised.
    • If hostile, he will try to backstab you at certain locations like on the platforms lead to Tundra Lord Kaern boss fight
    • When appears in Amulvaro's Observatory, he will ask for 1000 shards to pull a lever that turns off the RED laser beams. This lever can be pulled yourself, however.
    • Fink can trap you and Vrael with a trap door in the floor below the entrance to the Bulwark-fight. He will there ask a series of 'Tricksie questionsis' to the player and if you give the wrong answer he turns on a crushing mechanism. (you can skip this event entirely by not talking to Vrael there)
      • If you answer wrong, Vrael gets tired of the nonsense and destroys the trap, killing Fink in the process which turns him hostile. Quit and reload right after his death will make him friendly again (do not forget to buy at least 1 of his stuff in your next meeting as usual).
      • When Vrael gives you the answer for one of Fink's questions and tells you to believe him, he gives you the WRONG answer. In fact, both answers are wrong and Vrael will destroy the trap and kills Fink regardless. However, you can still use him as merchant later.
    • Be sure to buy everything you need from him because he will commit suicide if you talk to him when he's near the cliff right before you unlock the path to Citadel of Caer Siorai. Alternatively, you can ignore him when you see him stand near the cliff in order to not trigger the event.
    • Despite killing himself and disappear for the rest of the game, Fink still appears in the ending cut scene and "dies" again. As he is an immortal, destroying the source kills him completely.
    • His doppelganger (or re-used model) can be found dead in the jail where Origa captures you
    • Fink is voiced by Criken, a YouTuber who can be known for silly voices




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    • Anonymous

      I discovered that, if you play Fink mode, he'll destroy some of the Death statues given the chance making it the game even harder.

      • I think Fink only spawns from using a specific death statue in Gaian's Cradle because on NG+, all but the first death statue are broken in the area. Fink simply didn't appear for me in Gaian's Cradle during a NG+ playthrough. I would like to point out that in the previous playthrough, I had been purchasing items from Fink up until he ends his own life at the end of the game. Its possible this carries over to NG+, but I can't be certain right now.

        • Anonymous

          I bought stuff from him only for the first time(broken arrow) and nothing after that, but he was still friendly.

          • Anonymous

            Be sure to select the opposite. (needs confirmation, I was following this guide and answered the opposite of what Vrael suggested and ended up with the wrong answer) Both answers are wrong. Damn you Fink.

            • Anonymous

              Is there any way for him to become friendly again after he becomes hostile? I'm sure I did what a lot of people did and checked his inventory, didn't have enough to buy anything and then he attacked/got wrecked

              • Anonymous

                He'll also show up later on in the observatory, asking for 1000 shards to pull a lever, not sure what the lever does as of yet, could be nothing. Exploration hasn't yielded anything yet.

                • Anonymous

                  If you buy stuff every time you interact with him he will gain more powerful items each time. He sets up a trap for you and Vrael (below the entrance to the Bulwark-fight) where you have to answer trick questions, a clear homage to Gollum in The Hobbit.

                  • Anonymous

                    Fink will attack you if you don't buy anything from him every time you talk to him, or if you hit him by accident. Not sure how he behaves if you're friendly with him for the whole game.

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