Immortalite Stone

Item Type Upgrade
Effect Powerful magesmiths can imbue equipment with its magical properties. When used as an item, it turns into 1000 shards.

Immortalite Stone is one of the Upgrade in Death's Gambit. Items can be acquired through out the game and they generally provide bonuses to various Stats or can be used to provide various benefits, or even open doors.



Stone surging with legendary power. Legends say this stone manifests itself when a powerful immortal is killed soon after reviving.



Immortalite Stone Location


  • First, it should be noted that in order to open the chest, the player cannot use a Phoenix Feather from spawning to opening the chest. From the second rest point in the indoor cave area in the Oblivion Vale, go left till you get to the crossroad between going up or continuing left. Proceed going up and after reaching the top, proceed to the right. Careful with the long hallway filled with traps. After going through the hallway, there would be a hole to descend to. Dropping here would mean a fight so get ready. After defeating the first enemy, the crystal blocking movement would disappear , proceed to the left and the chest with the immotalite stone would be found.
  • One is given by Sorun the Lumberkin if the Player waits for 10min.
  • One can be obtained by powering a console in Garde Tum with the Energy Cell from Amulvaro's Observatory
  • One for each of the Gaian Relics can be awarded in Warden's Sanctum
  • The first time a Boss is defeated in Heroic mode it drops one.




Immortalite Stone Notes & Tips

  • Used in weapon and armor upgrades +6 to +10.
  • Its recipe can be found in Central Sanctuary below Alistair after defeating 10 Heroic bosses. Afterwards it can be crafted at Alistair with 10 Armor Scraps.




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