Vados Helm



Armor Type Helm
Base Stats VIT +5
Effects/Bonuses No special effects or bonuses.

Vados Helm is a Helm armor piece in Death's Gambit: Afterlife. Helms consist of hoods, helmets, and masks which serves as protection for Sorun's head. This type of protective gear is found around the world and can affect players stats when equipped, armor does not require the player to meet certain stats unlike Weapons, and each piece grants a temporary increase of value to certain stats. Armor can be upgraded +1 to +10 through the use of Soul Stones and an Immortalite Stone.


A standard issue infantry barbute for the soldiers of Vados. Its expedietionary armies, comprised from the militia of annexed nations, depart at the behest of its ruler, King Valz. His insatiable lust for conquest has sent generations of marching into Siradon to meet their maker. We are no different.


Vados Helm Information

  • Armor Type: Helms
  • Affected Stats (Base Value): VIT +5
  • Special Effects: No special effects or bonuses.


Vados Helm Location

  • Chosen as one of the starting Gift during Class selection.


Vados Helm Upgrade Table

Level Bonus Materials & Cost
+0 VIT +5 -
+1 VIT +x 2 Soul Stones
+2 VIT +x 4 Soul Stones
+3 VIT +x 8 Soul Stones
+4 VIT +x 16 Soul Stones
+5 VIT +x 32 Soul Stones
+6 VIT +x 2 Immortalite Stones
+7 VIT +x Immortalite Stones
+8 VIT +x Immortalite Stones
+9 VIT +x 16 Immortalite Stones
+10 VIT +x 32 Immortalite Stones


Vados Helm Notes & Tips

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