Noble is a Class in Death's Gambit. There are a total of 7 unique classes to pick from, each with its own bonuses, Stats and starting Equipment. Players can select any class that they prefer based on the available gear or their favored playstyle.


You worked your way up the chain of lords. An agent of royalty will visit you to sell unique items. Using items gives you Soul Energy to use for Abilities. Halberd damage scales with Strength.

Recommended if you enjoy slower and strategic gameplay.


Noble Starting Equipment



Noble Notes and Tips

  • Consuming healing plumes does not generate Soul Energy for Noble like other items.



Acolyte of Death  ♦  Assassin  ♦  Blood Knight  ♦  Sentinel  ♦  Soldier  ♦  Wizard

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    • Anonymous

      The biggest advantages of this class: -Early access to +5 halberd for 1100 shards -Halberds have a charge attack that does high damage, and combo finishers deal double damage when a halberd ability is on cooldown-- very high burst damage when used properly -Starting 5 int makes it a better mage class than the wizard, with headgear improving intelligence scaling. You can get a spell tome+2 and spell sword very early. You can use the illumination spell at 5 int, makin certain areas easier. -Purchasable Firebombs are extremely potent, there is no other way to get these from merchants. -There is a talent that increases shard gain by 15% from everything, making it easy to farm for shards to purchase items down the road.

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