Jaco of Basilus

A merchant located at Central Sanctuary

Jaco in an NPC in Death's Gambit. Non-Player-Characters are those found within the game that interact with the player by giving advise, quests, items and acting as Merchants.


Jaco Information


Jaco Location 


Jaco Location 

  • With the other NPCs teaching abilities and selling items in the Central Sanctuary.



Jaco Shop Inventory



Jaco Notes

  •  You can learn abilities and buy items from Jaco.
  • If you attack Jaco enough, he will retreat into his cart, and begin shooting you with a mounted gun.



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    • Anonymous

      As of Afterlife, the crests are found on Bosses : Amulvaro, Cusith(which you can get without killing) and Inquisitor.

      I have a question though, can Jaco still sell warp orbs? How? If not, how do we cross small passages?

      • Anonymous

        Okay am at the point were I need to get the three crests to enter Caer Siorai and I still can't get the crest of gaia from Jaco and I haven't gotten it as a drop either. Any ideas as to why Jaco is not selling it? I would prefer not kill him for it.

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