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Armor Type Helm
Base Stats STR +4, FIN +4
Effects/Bonuses Blinds Sorun when equipped.

Blindfold is a Helm armor piece in Death's Gambit: Afterlife. Helms consist of hoods, helmets, and masks which serves as protection for Sorun's head. This type of protective gear is found around the world and can affect players stats when equipped, armor does not require the player to meet certain stats unlike Weapons, and each piece grants a temporary increase of value to certain stats. Armor can be upgraded +1 to +10 through the use of Soul Stones and an Immortalite Stone.


Hunters would use these while training to hone their other senses.


Blindfold Information

  • Armor Type: Helms
  • Affected Stats (Base Value): STR +4, FIN +4
  • Special Effects: Blinds Sorun when equipped.


Blindfold Location

  • Starting Gift. Can also be found in the room after opening the door leading to Caer Siorai.


Blindfold Upgrade Table

Level Bonus Materials & Cost
+0 STR +4, FIN +4 -
+1 STR +x, FIN +x 2 Soul Stones
+2 STR +x, FIN +x 4 Soul Stones
+3 STR +x, FIN +x 8 Soul Stones
+4 STR +x, FIN +x 16 Soul Stones
+5 STR +x, FIN +x 32 Soul Stones
+6 STR +x, FIN +x 2 Immortalite Stones
+7 STR +x, FIN +x Immortalite Stones
+8 STR +x, FIN +x Immortalite Stones
+9 STR +x, FIN +x 16 Immortalite Stones
+10 STR +x, FIN +x 32 Immortalite Stones


Blindfold Notes & Tips


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