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Acolyte of Death, Death's liason to Sorun.  Can disenchant cluttter and or enchant equipment with the right materials.

Zuma in an NPC in Death's Gambit. Non-Player-Characters are those found within the game that interact with the player by giving advise, quests, items and acting as Merchants.


Zuma Location

  • First encountered tied up and guarded by an Amarog Shaman close to the bottom left exit of the first area of Scorching Corredor that connects with Central Sanctuary.
  • After being rescued he'll move next to the death's idol back in Central Santuary.



Abilities that can be learned from Zuma


Zuma Notes

  • One of the only two characters in the game that can enchant and disenchant items. The other can only be found very late in the game.
  • Even if he says he is not immortal, if you kill him he will return. It is because he's also a servant of Death. Death also asks you to upgrade at Zuma if you die so many times.
  • Selecting 'Meditate' from his dialogue menu will cause the screen to fade to white. The player will be transported to a dream location on a small island surrounded by water. When travelling too far left or right, the water will turn to blood, and the sky to black while strange creatures look on from the darkness. The player will be transported back to the death statue after a few moments. Dialogue from Bast suggests that the hunt flows through [Zuma's] veins, and Zuma has killed you while you meditate. However, a body is not added to the pile in Rider's passage while the contact is active. (Tested with and without Bast, with and without an active death contract, and on two separate characters where one had no deaths up until that point).
  • In at least some instances, a player who meditates will encounter child-Sorun and can optionally 'reflect on the past' which allows the player to respec talent points and stat points.
  • The first times you meet him on the Frost Giant, he will give you 1 Talent Point, 1 Crow Plume and 1 Immortalite Stone. It seem to be bugged that he will ALWAYS give you 1 Crow Plume and 1 Immortalite Stone in subsequent meetings making himself an Immortalite Stone farming method.



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