Nightmare Edge

Weapon Type Axes 
Damage __damage__
Reqs 60 STR
Scaling STR
Special __special__

Nightmare Edge is a Weapon in Death's Gambit: Afterlife. Weapons are the main Equipment wielded to engage in Combat, each type featuring a unique set of attacks, and Abilities. The protagonist may equip up to 2 weapons and 1 shield at any time, and may alternate between them accordingly during battle. Players may find all relevant information about the Nightmare Edge on this page.


An axe made of bone, with a skull as its centerpiece and a spine for its handle. Coming from Thalamus, the origin of this weapon leaves you with a chill. You can still see the faint flicker of life in its eyes, as the weapon yearns for death. Deals strong damage, but retuns damage back at the wielder. Unyielding Strike sends a wave of bone spires forward. Attacking enemies creates motes of blood. Crash down consumes all the motes to create hands of Thalamus that deal damage to all enemies.


Nightmare Edge Information

  • Weapon Type: Axes 
  • Base Damage: __damage__
  • Requirement: 60 STR
  • Weapon Scaling: STR
  • Special Bonuses/Effects: Has higher damage than the other axes, however deals you 10 flat damage for every enemy struck. Using Crash down with 4 motes of blood creates hands of Thalamus that damage all enemies in the normal screen area and can break ability only shields. Unyielding Strike sends a wave of bone spires forward.


Where to Find Nightmare Edge

  • Dropped by The Avatar of Thalamus.


Nightmare Edge Upgrade Table

Level Bonus Materials & Cost
+0 ?? ??
+1 ?? ??
+2 ?? ??
+3 ?? ??
+4 ?? ??
+5 ?? ??
+6 ?? ??
+7 ?? ??
+8 ?? ??
+9 ?? ??
+10 ?? ??


Nightmare Edge Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • Other notes, Tips, and Trivia




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    • Anonymous

      I lost this because I had no inventory space and jumped immediately into the cutscene, teleporting me to another location.

      TBF they let you pick it up before interacting with Thalamus and triggering the cutscene, but I was mashing the buttons and lost the chance. RIP

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