Afterlife is a Location in Death's Gambit. Afterlife is one of the newer locations released along with the Afterlife Expansion. This location is accessible towards the end of your playthrough and is part of one of the available Endings.



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Full Afterlife Walkthrough

This location is accessible towards the end of your playthrough and is part of one of the available Endings.

Getting to Afterlife

Before reaching Afterlife, players must meet the Endings requirements in order to proceed. Players must have completed and defeated five Heroic Boss Battle before even reaching the gameplay at Caer Siorai. Once five are defeated, players must face the Endless at Caer Siorai then interact with the Source of Immortality to trigger a cutscene and enter Afterlife.


Afterlife Walkthrough

A cutscene at Afterlife will begin and there will be a dialogue between Thalamus and Death, followed by a flashback with Everly. At the end of this scene players will be given the option to choose Death or Thalamus. Choose a Side to continue.

Visit the Endings page to view all possible Endings.


Afterlife Side with Death - Ending A

The next cutscene will take you out of Afterlife and into a Dream state. This will eventually lead you to a dialogue with Death. Your next task will be to take the other out of the Nightmare state. He has pinged a location in your map that leads you Garde Tum.

Once the item is obtained, it will take you into the Collapsing Nightmare


Afterlife: Side with Thalamus - Ending B

By choosing Thalamus, you will need to fight The Crow which is Death. Defeat the boss and shortly after the dialogue cutscene between Ash and Thalamus, leave the area To the Nexus of Souls to trigger New Game Plus, as well as Ending B.

Going through the Afterlife gauntlet section with obstacles will take you into another area in the Afterlife. Here players can make their way to meet The Crow.



Afterlife Map


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