Collapsing Nightmare is a Location in Death's Gambit. Collapsing Nightmare is one of the newer locations released along with the Afterlife Expansion. This location is accessible towards the end of your playthrough and is part of one of the available Endings.



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Full Collapsing Nightmare Walkthrough

Collapsing Nightmare is one of the newer locations released along with the Afterlife Expansion. This location is accessible towards the end of your playthrough and is part of one of the available Endings. It is reached after Journey's End or after Sorun has regained his memories after the first set of dialogue promps about Sorun.

Collapsing Nightmare

The map keeps going down until you drop to the bottom. Keep right to eventually reach a death idol and continue right until you reach a lost soul that turns out to be Eva. Continue your downwards journey, you will go through flashes of Sorun's thoughts while collecting Lost souls and going through the essences of your previous Bosses. Exploring the different corridors may lead you to a Tome of Thalamus as well. When you encounter the shadow of the Wraith King Sirad, head left and the tome will be located there.


Continue right and head down to enter the next area where you will continue to fall. You will have the opportunity to rest at the bottom. After your rest you will encounter Vrael and his dialogue with Nive. Take Vrael's soul at the end of the dialogue and continue right. Clear any Enemies in your way. Head all the way down while continuing to rescue the lost souls on the way. You will eventually reach an open area with a Death Idol. Ione will be at the right side. Take her soul after her dialogue and continue. Eva will lead you further right. This will take you into a loop.


Collapsing Nightmare Maze Loop

When you get to an area with four exits, exiting through the wrong direction willl take you back continuously to the same area. For this section, approach each exit and wait for Everly's call. If you hear her voice, take that exit. You'll eventually reach Everly and her dialogue. At the next death idol, you will encounter another dialogue where Sorun will absorb his friends' souls.


Eventually you will reach Thalmus' void. Stay alive and answer the following when prompted to progress

  • The first king of Siradon is Sirad.
  • Bulwark gave me the double jump upgrade.
  • My contract with Death is complete once the source is destroyed.
  • Bysurge takes double damage when we are opposite polarities.

Defeat the Avatar of Thalamus to continue.



Collapsing Nightmare Video

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Collapsing Nightmare Map


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      hey, i use the suicide blade by mistake when entering this zone... now i cannot interact with Vrael, Ione or Endless... how to progress?

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        I think i locked my game lol. The mouth of Thalamus doesnt appear on my run even if i reach the empty room

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