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Archivist is an NPC in Death's Gambit Afterlife. Upon encountering the Archivist, he will flee from the player, starting a race. Successfully following him will lead you to his den, where he will give you the Infinite Dash upgrade.

Archivist Information

  • It's revealed by talking to the Archivist that he is the one writing the tomes on the immortals.


Archivist Location



Archivist Notes & Tips

  • After talking to him second time, another race will begin, winning the race will reward the player with a Seed of Knowledge.


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    • Anonymous

      After you rech him for the frist time (at the end of the path) and talk to him, if you enter again in the level, hi will have a race aganist you, if you win he will drop a Seed of knowledge.

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