Originally from Mistra, Spring Isles.

Nymeria in an NPC in Death's Gambit. Non-Player-Characters are those found within the game that interact with the player by giving advise, quests, items and acting as Merchants.


Nymeria Location




Abilities that can be learned from Nymeria

Abilities Shards
Piercing Light 90
Multishot 120
Trueshot 60


Nymeria Notes

Acolyte Lizard  ♦  Alistair  ♦  Archivist  ♦  Ash  ♦  Bast  ♦  Braeorn  ♦  Chained Gaian  ♦  Daughter of Gaia  ♦  Death  ♦  Fink  ♦  Gino  ♦  Grimgaud  ♦  Ione  ♦  Jaco of Basilus  ♦  Lionel  ♦  Luma  ♦  Nier  ♦  Rabbit  ♦  Sigur  ♦  Vrael  ♦  Zuma


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    • Anonymous

      I freed her and when I went to sanctuary she was dead.

      I thought the amarog key was from the wolf boss so I found l it really late.

      Maybe the game didn't expect that. Anyway I don't know why she is dead

      • Anonymous

        If you want to save her life and some of the other NPCs then kill Bast. That lizard bastard will kill them if you let him live.

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