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Grimgaud in an NPC in Death's Gambit. Non-Player-Characters are those found within the game that interact with the player by giving advise, quests, items and acting as Merchants.


Grimgaud Location

  • Grimgaud can be found in the Oblivian Vale locked in a cage which needs the Amarog Key. The area is in the cave near the second rest area.
  • After freeing him, he can be found in the Central Sanctuary. Unlike most of the NPCs which is near the tower, in order to get to him go through the locked door near the area with a large amount of poison gas then go down the ladder and that is where he is chilling.



Abilities that can be learned from Grimgaud


Grimgaud Notes




Acolyte Lizard  ♦  Alistair  ♦  Archivist  ♦  Ash  ♦  Bast  ♦  Braeorn  ♦  Chained Gaian  ♦  Daughter of Gaia  ♦  Death  ♦  Fink  ♦  Gino  ♦  Ione  ♦  Jaco of Basilus  ♦  Lionel  ♦  Luma  ♦  Nier  ♦  Nymeria  ♦  Rabbit  ♦  Sigur  ♦  Vrael  ♦  Zuma

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