Once a man, transformed into a Snail-like

creature by the Astromancer.

Alistair in an NPC in Death's Gambit. Non-Player-Characters are those found within the game that interact with the player by giving advise, quests, items and acting as Merchants.


Alistair Location




Alistair Notes

Sells Panacea for 300 shards each.


Cannot be killed with normal weapons. Use magic, fire, Amarog Bow or Crystal Bombs (about 5 bombs should kill him, more are needed on NG+)


Drops Skeleton Key, that can open most doors that require a key. However, upon doing so you cannot buy Panacea anymore for that play through. Buy as many as you can in advance if you want to kill him for the key because you are going to need it in later area like Journey's End



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    • Anonymous

      20 Nov 2018 07:00  

      Fun fact, he seems to take damage from Daughter of Gaia (heroic) spawned projectiles as they appear to go through walls and only stop after traveling about 1/2 the distance of her arena, this is obviously not a problem for most on regular since she doesn't spawn projectiles until phase two and that is typically half way or more but in heroic all blasts spawn projectiles from the start. As while grinding all of the sudden it cut to him and he was on half HP and he gave his dialogue for hurting him. Also he does not seem to heal back to full when damaged in this manner on rest. (On PC)

      • Anonymous

        17 Aug 2018 09:09  

        Magic also functions just fine in killing him. I think the worst part about this wiki isn't the lack of information, but misinformation.

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