She asks to Sorun/the player if it is the right decision to follow death. If he is really what he says he is.

Ash in an NPC in Death's Gambit. Non-Player-Characters are those found within the game that interact with the player by giving advise, quests, items and acting as Merchants. Interacting with these NPCs may help players progress through gameplay the main story, they may also reward players with, key items, new equipment and aid them in leveling up.


Ash Information

  • She asks to Sorun/the player if it is the right decision to follow death. If he is really what he says he is. In Death's Gambit Afterlife Expansion, Ash is no longer seen. Instead she is represented by Nier who offers Death Watch to Sorun.


Ash Location




Ash Notes & Tips

  • Can enchant and disenchant items, similar to Zuma
  • Sells the following abilities:
  • Cannot be damaged or killed.
  • Apparently, there are some clues that lead to think that she's, in fact, Sorun's sister.



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    • Anonymous

      It's not that your "Fear" stat becomes the Ash stat in that fight, rather, you entire status screen is warped and words are replaced. It replaces each abbreviation on the status screen with a word of a sentence, the gist of it is something like, "You have already failed Everly And Ash." Where, FEA is the last stat in the list, and so it becomes the last word in the sentence: ASH. This is actually more interesting in a way, because Everly/Your-mother is one of the only people in the game that Sorun expresses much care for (most drama and dialog in the game related to you, death, and Nightmares... is associated with your mother). So, why, in the Nightmare scenario of the game where most of your words are garbled... does the sentence reference Everly and Ash? What reason does the game have to think that you would care about Ash, or that Ash would care about you? Ash also appears in the 0 Fear/mortal ending, I'm not sure if that's a spoiler exactly, but it doesn't do much to clarify who/what she is. Also, if you see her with sufficiently high Fear, you can ask her if she hears the voices. She's lament you already being so far gone (there are multiple NPCs you can ask this of).

      • Anonymous

        It is mentioned in the game that your mother (evenly?) parted with her soul and infused it into something, maybe that something is Ash, as the human appearance is female with grey hair.

        • Anonymous

          Ash will request the player to denounce death, which I think implores you to break your contract. I encountered her on a character where I had done so from the start and she tells me that "Fear begets courage". I'm not sure if she has different dialogue if you speak with her with the contract however.

          • Anonymous

            I'm not sure this is linked, but when you fight the Thalamus boss your fear stat becomes the Ash stat. It's something that's been baffling me for days and then I came across this page. I wonder if the NPC Ash is linked to that stat. This wiki page having no image of the NPC is a tad suspicious too. XD

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