Weapon Type Bow
Stat Reqs 8 FIN

Trueshot in an Ability in Death's Gambit. Abilities are special skills that can be performed depending on the Weapons you have equipped (much like Dark Souls 3). Ability use consumes Soul Energy, that you get from performing specific actions based on your Class.



Trueshot Effect

The next arrow you fire deals extra damage, if it kills a target, gain 5 arrows


  • Cost 20 Soul Energy, 6 second cooldown (the cooldown in the description is wrong) and deals around 5 times your normal arrow.
  • Does not consume arrow
  • Amarog Bow only fires 1 arrow instead of 3
  • The total arrow count can be increased pass 40. However, resting will reset the number back to 40. Be careful if you want to prepare some extra arrows before bosses with this ability.


How to unlock Trueshot

  • Learn from Nymeria after saving her


Assassinate  ♦  Blink  ♦  Cleaving Throw  ♦  Cross Slash  ♦  Crushing Tide  ♦  Cyclone  ♦  Death Watch  ♦  Essence of Darkness  ♦  Essence of Fire  ♦  Essence of Lightning  ♦  Flame Blitz  ♦  Fortitude  ♦  Frost Bite  ♦  Heroic Lunge  ♦  Light of the Phoenix  ♦  Lunge  ♦  Multishot  ♦  Piercing Light  ♦  Reap  ♦  Rupture  ♦  Seismic Nova  ♦  Serpent's Barrage  ♦  Sky Crash  ♦  Smoldering Guillotine  ♦  Soul Rend  ♦  Soul Trigger  ♦  Spear Rush  ♦  Storm Caller  ♦  Unyielding Strike  ♦  Winding Hew

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    • Anonymous

      22 Aug 2018 16:20  

      Combing this with the Wisp aura and the Acolyte's passive and you will always have this ability available vs mobs.

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