Solar Bow

solar bow deaths gambit wiki
Weapon Type Bows 
Damage 15
Reqs 40 FIN
Scaling FIN
Special Arrows set enemies aflame.

Solar Bow is a Weapon in Death's Gambit: Afterlife. Weapons are the main Equipment wielded to engage in Combat, each type featuring a unique set of attacks, and Abilities. The protagonist may equip up to 2 weapons and 1 Shield at any time, and may alternate between them accordingly during battle. Players may find all relevant information about the Solar Bow on this page



A legendary artifact to the Covenant that crackles with life, as fire licks its limbs. They call it Belenus in their scriptures - the bones of an elder phoenix, given life once more after the cataclysm at Nas Nauj.


Solar Bow Information

  • Weapon Type: Bows
  • Base Damage: 15
  • Requirement: 40 FIN
  • Weapon Scaling: FIN
  • Special Bonuses/Effects: Arrows set enemies alame.


Solar Bow Location

  • Aldwynn Sewers: you will need the bulwark triple jump aura. It is in the nook above you when you pass over the spot you need a warp bomb.




Solar Bow Upgrade Table

Level Bonus Materials & Cost
+0 ?? ??
+1 ?? ??
+2 ?? ??
+3 ?? ??
+4 ?? ??
+5 ?? ??
+6 ?? ??
+7 ?? ??
+8 ?? ??
+9 ?? ??
+10 ?? ??



Solar Bow Notes & Tips

  • At the same upgrade, it shares the same fire DOT as Cinder Bow but has more damage on hit. Also possesses the highest damage per hit in bow category
  • The Fire DOT works separately with Bow of the Damned but does not stack with itself or Cinder Bow's. Attacking during the duration simply refresh the DOT.





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