Spell Blade

Weapon Type Swords 
Damage 44
Reqs 15 INT
Scaling INT
Special -

Spell Blade is one of the Swords in Death's Gambit. Weapons can be acquired through out the game and they generally deal more damage based on your Stats, such as  Strength or Finesse. Each weapon category has its own Abilities.



A katana crafted by the Logoth tribe.



Spell Blade Location

  • Located on a ledge below the Sanctuary. Does not require Air Dodge.




Spell Blade Upgrade Table

Level Bonus Materials & Cost
+0 ?? ??
+1 ?? ??
+2 ?? ??
+3 ?? ??
+4 ?? ??
+5 ?? ??
+6 ?? ??
+7 ?? ??
+8 ?? ??
+9 ?? ??
+10 ?? ??



Spell Blade Notes & Tips

  • Holding the attack button will turn the sword red, after it's charged release the attack button for large damage
  • ??





    • Anonymous

      21 Nov 2018 22:25  

      Should be able to use spells (not light and fortify) heck should have included some spell blade specific abilities. Very lazy game design choice.

      • Anonymous

        21 Sep 2018 22:30  

        slow weapon, but it's meant to be used as a backup weapon on mage. The roll and jump attacks are really fast, and the charged attack deals tons of damage

        • Anonymous

          24 Aug 2018 21:18  

          So mine seems bugged, it does around 100 damage in a single strike with 32 INT, but when charged does around 800. This can't be right.

          • Anonymous

            17 Aug 2018 01:51  

            With Holding the Charge the Sword is realy realy strong maybe the weapon with the most damage output. But.... you get realy fast cancelt because no range.... u can use only 2 Spells i now so fast Fortitute and Light. So maybe if u now to play all Bosses exactly its the right Choice for u :D

            • Anonymous

              16 Aug 2018 08:24  

              i second that, its annoyingly slow and has***** range. And the charge attack bugs out for me al the time. super disappointed with the weapon choices in this game. they make the basic ***** longsword the most OP sword in the game. SMH

              • Anonymous

                15 Aug 2018 01:27  

                Scales with intelligence. Hold down attack to charge the blade and release for a heavy damage melee attack

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