Bows are Weapons in Death's Gambit. Each weapon features a unique moveset to their weapon type. Weapon categories grant specific abilities to the player when equipped.


Bows in Death's Gambit

Name Damage Category Special Location

Cosmic Bow

Scaling: 17
Bows Arrows explode on impact.
  • Void knight in Amulavro observatory, difficult drop the greed aura will help.

Bow of the Damned

Scaling: 10
Bows Arrows apply bleed.
  • Found inside the house in Aldwynn near the underground Aldwynn rest area. From the area, up the ladder the house entrance to the left. From there its a sraight forward up then after  going over the wall just jump into the dark into the platform, keep going right then jump into the last platform. Under that platform is the chest which needs a not usage of a phoenix feather to open.

Cinder Bow

Scaling: 12
Bows A magically infused bow. Enemies take {0} additional fire damage over 7 seconds.
  • Purchased from Jaco of Basilus for 120 shards. 

Amarog Bow

Scaling: 10
Bows Fires three arrows.
  • Obsidian Vale: in the area directly below the giant horn. Behind three flying 'Soul Shard' enemies in a hidden alcove. Slash the wall to reveal it.

Solar Bow

Scaling: 15
Bows Arrows set enemies aflame.
  • Citadel of Caer Siorai: from the third floor area with the two ''Void Knight' enemies drop from the last ledge to the right and keep to the right. You need a precisely timed air dash to reach a small alcove with the bow.

Logoth Shortbow

Scaling: 11
Bows -
  • ??

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