Amarog Bow

amarog bow deaths gambit wiki
Weapon Type Bows 
Damage 10
Reqs 11 FIN
Scaling FIN
Special Fires three arrows.

Amarog Bow is a Weapon in Death's Gambit: Afterlife. Weapons are the main Equipment wielded to engage in Combat, each type featuring a unique set of attacks, and Abilities. The protagonist may equip up to 2 weapons and 1 Shield at any time, and may alternate between them accordingly during battle. Players may find all relevant information about the Amarog Bow on this page.



The primitive bow of the Amarog has three notches along its string to securely fasten multiple arrows. A weapon before a time when they discovered magic.


Amarog Bow Information

  • Weapon Type: Bows
  • Base Damage: 10
  • Requirement: 11 FIN
  • Weapon Scaling: FIN
  • Special Bonuses/Effects: Fires three arrows.


Amarog Bow Location


  • Obsidian Vale: in the area directly below the giant horn. Behind three flying 'Soul Shard' enemies in a hidden alcove. Slash the wall to reveal it.
  • +10 version can drop from Heroic Cusith




Amarog Bow Upgrade Table

Level Bonus Materials & Cost
+0 ?? ??
+1 ?? ??
+2 ?? ??
+3 ?? ??
+4 ?? ??
+5 ?? ??
+6 ?? ??
+7 ?? ??
+8 ?? ??
+9 ?? ??
+10 ?? ??



Amarog Bow Notes & Tips




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    • Anonymous

      Bow abilities don't work with this weapon extra attack. Piercing Light and Trueshot only shoot 1 arrow. Multishot will not provide any extra hit. Can be used with other bows in both hand to generate Soul Energy and trigger Soul Arrows Talent for Bow only run

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