Casting Tome

Casting Tome
Weapon Type Tomes 
Damage 14
Reqs 8 INT
Scaling Intellect
Special -

Casting Tome is one of the Tomes in Death's Gambit. Weapons can be acquired through out the game and they generally deal more damage based on your Stats, such as  Strength or Finesse. Each weapon category has its own Abilities.



A simple spellbook used by most apprentice practitioners of magic. They are traditionally hand-me-downs from master to ward.



Casting Tome Location


  • +2 Version can be found inside side area with disappearing platforms in the top right corner. 




Casting Tome Upgrade Table

Level Bonus Materials & Cost
+0 ?? -
+1 ?? 2 Soul stones
+2 ?? 4 Soul stones
+3 ?? 8 Soul stones
+4 ?? 16 Soul stones
+5 ?? 32 Soul stones
+6 ?? 2 Immortalite stones
+7 ?? 4 Immortalite stones
+8 ?? 8 Immortalite stones
+9 ?? 16 Immortalite stones
+10 ?? 32 Immortalite stones



Casting Tome Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • ??





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    • Anonymous

      21 Aug 2018 00:34  

      You need a tome to channel the orb abilities for magic. Mixing orbs gives different effects. Yo can have up to 2 channeled, the 3rd will just get rid of the first 2. You use the orbs by attacking with the tome after casting the orb. 1 fire orb = ranged fireball that does moderate damage and applies fire damage over time. 2 fire orb = AoE fire explosion around you for high damage, applies fire DoT 1 lightning orb = ranged zap that hits a single enemy 3 times. Has very strong tracking and will stun most enemies, including several bosses. 2 lightning orb = thunder strike that hits the closest enemy for very high damage. 1 dark orb = melee rush forward for decent damage, can hit multiple enemies. 2 dark orb = disappear, gaining i frames, and reappear in a few moments (you can move to aim it) to deal significant damage in a small AoE. 1 fire, 1 lightning = 2 large lightning balls circle around you and deal high damage when touching an enemy. Independent of your orbs. Useful against bosses that give you very little space/require lots of dodging 1 fire, 1 dark = leave behind a very large dark/fire orb that explodes in a big AoE for heavy damage when an enemy touches it. Very potent against enemies that move around you a lot, can be set up before aggroing for example. 1 lightning, 1 dark = stamina regeneration rate buff. Kind of bad.

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